Japan will send the first communication satellite in January next year; enhance the self defen 4444.kk.com

On January next year will be the first communications satellite   enhance the SDF intelligence communication — people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: day of the year January will send the SDF’s first communications satellite to enhance information communication according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s defense ministry released news that 25 for information and communication to enhance the ability of the SDF. The province will launch its first satellite in January 24th next year. The satellite will be in India ocean space operation, will also be available for United Nations peacekeeping operations in southern Sultan (PKO) as well as in Somali waters to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden SDF troops. According to reports, Japan will launch 3 new satellite to replace the currently used folk satellites, the launch is one of them. High speed and large capacity of the satellite was put into use to achieve communication, armed self-defense forces by direct communication with the satellite will become more smooth. It is reported that the satellite X band defense communications satellite, using the SDF and the army in the use of military intelligence communication band, called "Huang (Kirameki) No. 2". H2A will use the rocket in the Tanegashima Space Center launched in Kagoshima county. Originally expected in July last year launched the "and 1" found damage in predetermined by the private enterprises transport to launch the process of French Guiana in South america. Due to the time to repair, so they decided to launch 2. No. 1 after repairs will be March 2018 after the launch, No. 3 to the end of the year 2020 emission as the goal, will be used to over the Pacific and around japan. During use is expected to be about 15 years. In addition, the Japanese government cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center has been in operation from the ground and space surveillance reconnaissance satellite pictures "". (Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu) 日明年1月将发首颗通信卫星 提升自卫队情报通信–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:日明年1月将发首颗通信卫星 提升自卫队情报通信 据日本媒体报道,日本防卫省25日公布消息称,为提升自卫队的情报通信能力,将于明年1月24日发射该省首颗通信卫星。卫星将在印度洋上空的宇宙空间运作,也将供参加南苏丹联合国维和行动(PKO)以及参与索马里海域亚丁湾打击海盗的的自卫队部队使用。 据报道,日本将新发射3颗卫星取代目前使用的民间卫星,此次发射的为其中的一颗。这些卫星投入使用后有望实现通信的高速化和大容量化,陆海空自卫队各部队间借助卫星进行的直接通信将变得更为顺畅。 据悉,该卫星为X频段防卫通信卫星,利用自卫队及他国军队进行军事情报通信时所使用的频段,名为“煌(Kirameki)2号”。将在鹿儿岛县的种子岛宇宙中心使用H2A火箭发射升空。 原本预计于去年7月发射的“煌1号”在由民间企业运输到预定发射地南美法属圭亚那的过程中发现损伤。由于需要修理时间,因此决定先发射2号。 1号修理完成后将于2018年3月以后发射,3号将以2020年度末发射为目标,将分别用于太平洋及日本周边的上空。使用期间预计为约15年。 除此之外,日本政府的内阁卫星情报中心已在运作从太空监视地面并拍摄图片的“侦察卫星”。 (责编:许荩文、陈露露)相关的主题文章: