Jiangsu Gaoyou raincoat man machine before the knife robbery suspects have been arrested in Beijing zznba

Jiangsu Gaoyou raincoat man machine before the knife robbery suspects have been arrested – Beijing, Beijing, October 23 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) 23, Gaoyou police, together with the bank teller machine happened in the city last night before the knife robbery case has been solved, this morning at 11:10 PM, the suspect Liu was arrested. The evening of October 22nd at 19:50 PM, Yangzhou Gaoyou city Wuan Road branch of Agricultural Bank Xing Chen ATM before the occurrence of robbery with a knife. The suspect dressed in a raincoat as a cover, intimidate the victim to hand over 7000 yuan of cash just to get. After the suspect shouted for help, hurriedly fled the scene. According to the police, the incident that night it rained, Sohn (female) wearing a raincoat to the ATM withdrawals as usual, in the sun a pocket the money to leave, always with a man in the ATM card suddenly shouchijiandao, Sohn’s neck, the threat of her money pay out, rushed to the suspect Sohn revolt, with a knife on the number, Sohn shouted for help. The man afraid of his things, panic escape, Sohn hurried to the police. After the alarm, Gaoyou City Public Security Bureau xuntejing brigade for the first time to carry out the work, through access to the ground and the surrounding surveillance images, preliminary master basic physical characteristics of the suspect, tracing through visits, investigation and assessment work, locking suspects temporarily. This morning at 11:10 PM, local police in a rented house along the West will suspect Liu Mou (male, 45 years old, Gaoyou City, Gan duo Zhen people) arrested. After the trial, the suspect confessed Liu late October 22nd in Wuan Agricultural Bank Xing Xing Branch of the implementation of a knife robbery crime facts. Currently, the case is under further review. (end)相关的主题文章: