Jiangsu more than 1 years old sister to his brother fed corn grain caused by his throat acbel

Jiangsu: more than 1 years old sister to his brother fed corn grain caused by his card throat died original title: tragedy! Yancheng 1 year old brother and sister to feed corn to the throat killed the Yangzi Evening News Network August 28th news (reporter Fan Muxiao) often heard in infants taking jelly and peanuts and other foods, accidentally choke perish news. In August 26th, a tragedy happened in Yancheng City Xiangshui, a 1 year old and a half sister to 3 month old brother fed more than corn kernels, and finally to the brother died suffocation. The incident happened at Xiangshui Ping Jian Village 9 groups. In the afternoon, old couple is home to do farm work, daughter-in-law back room powdered milk to feed the grandson. At this time, only three month old grandson sat in the shade of the carriage door, from 1 years old granddaughter to play. Not long after, Lim found grandson mouth a lot of corn grain, the first time they will hand in his mouth a plurality of corn grain pull out, grandson was crying out loud, but also a purple face of hypoxia. The daughter-in-law has been scared silly, Lim holding the child to Haruki’s first doctor’s rescue, then take the relatives rushed to the car 30 kilometers away in Xiangshui People’s Hospital, can regret children due to suffocation died. According to the forests of the relatives, his grandson mouth corn is his granddaughter picked up from the ground. Granddaughter can grasp a four or five bite into the mouth, grandson and small, do not understand anything, it should be blocked by the esophagus." Working outside of the son received the news, the evening back home. Currently, the relevant matters have been dealt with.相关的主题文章: