Jilin Province, Gao Yulong and other 17 provincial cadres before serving publicity-ca4111

Jilin Province, Gao Yulong and other 17 provincial management cadres before serving publicity the province of cadres before the public announcement (2016 eighth) according to the provisions of the "selection and appointment of leading cadres work", the Gao Yulong 17 comrades were working before the public. Welcome all sectors of the community and the masses of cadres and the masses, the comrades are in line with the criteria and conditions for the appointment of cadres to reflect the situation and problems. We will reflect on the situation and problems, serious investigation and verification, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the corresponding treatment. Reflect the situation and problems must be practical and realistic, should be signed or informed of the real name, work unit and contact information. Where anonymous, false, false names and unclear clues report will not be accepted, false accusation, interference of cadres will be severely punished. Letters and visits from the receiving organization, provincial organization department cadre supervision department (a report center), address: Changchun Xinfa Road No. 577, postcode: 130051, telephone: 0431-12380, SMS reporting platform: 15584212380 report website:. Publicity deadline for November 9, 2016. Organization Department of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee in November 2, 2016相关的主题文章: