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Jingzhou railway station welcome eleven return peak passenger flow is expected to have 30 thousand people video: Jingzhou railway station ushered in the eleven return peak, October 7th is the last day of the eleven holiday, Jingzhou railway station also ushered in the return peak. How about the specific situation? What measures should be taken to deal with the railway station? Less than ten in the morning, Jingzhou railway station outside the entrance has been lined up a long queue, waiting hall is crowded. Although the peak travel can avoid congestion, but many passengers still precious holiday, today the return ride. It is understood that this year’s National Day holiday, Jingzhou railway station passenger traffic increased compared with the same period last year, the largest passenger flow is still concentrated in the direction of Wuhan. Du Jiawei, deputy head of the Jingzhou railway station, said, "eleven golden week passengers, 1, 35 thousand, 2, 22 thousand, since then increased by 2000 people a day, yesterday, nearly 30 thousand people, is expected to exceed 30 thousand today.". In order to cope with the surge in passenger traffic, the train station is also temporary additional trips, to ensure the normal passenger travel. Due to the dense traffic flow, the staff to partition waiting, sectional release way, to ensure that each passenger train can arrive in time to get on the train. In addition, the majority of online ticket passengers, in order to deal with the network ticket pressure, Jingzhou train station also added 5 temporary ticket window. At the same time, also remind passengers to arrive in advance to pick up tickets waiting, so as not to delay the trip. Attention to the "big Chu Jingzhou", exquisite, good manners waiting for you to take!

荆州火车站迎十一返程高峰 客流量预计过3万人视频:荆州火车站迎来十一返程高峰  10月7日是十一长假最后一天,荆州火车站也迎来了返程高峰。具体情况如何?火车站方面又做了哪些应对措施呢?  上午十点不到,荆州火车站的进站口外已经排起了长队,候车厅里也是人头攒动。虽然错峰出行可以避免拥挤,不过假期宝贵,不少旅客们还是选择今天乘车返程。  据了解,今年国庆放假期间,荆州火车站的客流量较去年同期有所增加,客流量最大依然集中在武汉方向。  荆州火车站副站长杜加伟说,十一黄金周进站旅客,1号3万5千人,2号2.2万,此后每天增长2000人,昨天已经接近3万人,预计今天超过3万。  为了应对激增的客流,火车站方面也临时增开了车次,全力保障旅客正常出行。由于车流密集,工作人员以分区候车、分段放行的方式,确保各个车次的乘客都能及时进站上车。  此外,由于选择网上购票的乘客居多,为了应对网络取票压力,荆州火车站还加开了5个临时取票窗口。同时,也提醒各位旅客提前到站取票候车,以免耽误行程。 关注“大楚荆州”,精美好礼等你来拿!相关的主题文章: