Junior high school students can not bear the pressure to run away from his father to write poems hop midd-885

Junior high school students can not bear the pressure to run away from his father to write poems hope (Figure) Cao Xiaoyi (left) and students together. Yanzhao Evening News "has been in the past 6 days, or not at all." Quzhou County of Handan City, 16 year old Cao Xiaoyi unbearable because of academic pressure, on the morning of November 8th ran away from home and family to find so far to no avail. His father, Mr. Cao because think son special writing on the net, pray for children to come home. According to Cao Xiaoyi’s father, Mr. Cao, is the son of Quzhou County, fourth junior middle school students, face pressures. The morning of November 8th, the child is not feeling right, the family did not care too much. Until 6 p.m., the child has not come home. In the evening, Mr. Cao found a note in his son’s room: "I am gone, you do not look for me." He hurried to call friends and relatives, but we did not see the trace of his son. Even Japan, Mr. Cao searched almost children may go, also posted notices everywhere, but the son is still missing. In the meantime, it was rumored that Cao Xiaoyi had appeared in the vicinity of Xinji, there are people who saw their bus terminal in Shijiazhuang and the students met. Mr. Cao is now mentally and physically exhausted, he vowed to find his son. Sleepless night of November 11th, he wrote a poem for children, the netizens see endless emotion. Little art, where are you? Can no longer make temperament, can no longer do not listen, you can see after the long family care…… My eyes in anxiety: the day you can be alone? Sleep wake up: you can be afraid at night? You know: all the friends and family are looking forward to your coming home! Who has no difficulty in life? Escape is not a way. Everything must face, the road is at the foot. Man, you should take it! Sixteen years old, not a doll! You will understand: Zhichitianya only a home. A parent who raises his weight never asks for it. If you laugh, your heart will be as sweet as honey, when you cry, your parents will be as hard as you are. Hit the pain in his father’s body, the tube is only good for children. Life experience, not fought; young is wealth, always take passion. This is the impulse to leave, how can parents put down? I hope you come back safely, without disturbing embarrassment. Although school is important, peace is priceless. As long as the child is happy, is a happy family! Don’t be stubborn, don’t torture my parents! Little art, come back soon! Child, go home early! According to reports, Cao Xiaoyi left home wearing a black hat with a coat, wearing black pants with green road. If you see the boy, please contact his family, the child’s father: 13513107856 children’s mother: 15613096406, there will be a heavy thank! In October 31st this year, Handan City, Fengfeng mining area of two pupils due to performance decline after leaving school, was found hiding in an abandoned house off campus (newspaper reported). Recently, because of learning pressure causes the students lost when the incident occurred, we appeal to children improve psychological ability at the same time, also hope that the Department of education serious reflection, how to really change the "score first" concept of teaching, make students happy to learn, healthy growth.相关的主题文章: