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Karim children’s growth fund to start and play "public betrayal" premiere incisors – International – people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing 31 August, August 30th, China children’s foundation "Karim children’s fund" was officially launched at the same time the fund to support the public drama "betrayal" premiere incisors. Chinese children’s foundation Secretary General Zhu Xisheng, "Karim children’s fund" as the main service object in Xinjiang minority children, through extensive mobilization of social forces of love, to help the poor and disadvantaged children in Xinjiang and other areas of healthy growth. To this end, will be mainly carried out the following four aspects: one is to provide the basic necessities of life and teaching activities for children in poor areas of Xinjiang, to create a good learning environment for them. Two is the release of children’s literature books, performances play children’s drama, film and television products to help disadvantaged children broaden their horizons, establish a correct outlook on life, values. The three is to provide free training opportunities for poor children with style, to help them to become the road to success. Four is to carry out vocational skills and professional and technical training for school-age youth to help families get rid of poverty. Because of the song "song of Affandi", "Uncle Kurban, where you are," and so widely known as the famous Uighur artist Karim is the founder of the "children’s growth fund," the people of the people’s Republic of China, is the founder of the "children’s growth fund", the founder of the "children’s growth fund", the founder of the "children’s growth fund," the founder of the "children’s growth fund," the founder of the "children’s growth fund," the. He said, bring reason to initiate, Xinjiang is the place I was born, I have strong feelings for this piece of land, in some remote mountainous areas of Xinjiang, the children’s life and education situation is not satisfactory, there are a lot of migrant children, left behind, I really want to do something for them, so the establishment of "Karim children’s fund", to mobilize all social power of love, to create a good learning environment for them, to help them grow up healthy and happy. "Betrayal" incisors adapted from the international Andersen prize, the famous children’s literature writer Cao Wenxuan’s novel of the same name. The childhood musical pickup in the choir, but because the game before the front teeth out may not lead, finally won the first prize of the striking one snag after another story. "Betrayal" teeth premiere in Beijing in August 30th. Following the Beijing premiere after the drama "betrayal" teeth will be in Zhengzhou in September 3rd, September 6th, No. 7 staged in Urumqi. (commissioning editor: Xu Buyun (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: