Kenji Wu to make funny movie B Wei Chen emotional life stability

Kenji Wu wanted to make funny B film Wei Chen emotional life Kenji Wu Kenji Wu came out in support of Kenji Wu stability about the brand Sina entertainment news in September 24th specifically designed for friends of the Wei Chen Kenji Wu brand coat. The opening ceremony was held in Shanghai, a friend Wei Chen [micro-blog] to help light array. Kenji Wu in the "king of comedy" in cross-border performance make people sit up and take notice, and he said this is his nature, and he is currently preparing directed and starred in the comedy film. Asked about the emotional life, Kenji Wu said the brand, movies, music is his current three objects, such as the old love again. In an interview with Wei Chen is talking to 07 men before the coincidental reunion, also said his current emotional situation is stable, "I have come on, certainly hope to have a happy moment." Kenji Wu exposes the funny B is directed and starred in the comedy film nature. Although many people think that artists do brand will be very easy, but Kenji Wu thinks that the pressure Alexander, "I think the creation of a brand, like the three album. Many people may think it’s easy to make a brand, because it can be quickly promoted. But for me it was even more difficult, when everyone wore every piece of clothing and every piece of work hung my name, I hope to be able to afford every support of a friend." Kenji Wu in the "king of comedy" in cross-border performance make people sit up and take notice, he said "the king of comedy," it is true he is currently preparing directed and starred in the movie, "I am a little funny B, after ten years, we finally understand my nature, it is I. I like to relax and laugh a little fun, so when you see my movie, do not be surprised, may be more funny B." Kenji Wu revealed that the film will go comedy style, comedy is difficult, to seriously play, can not joke. ("king of comedy") every day until three or four a.m. the next morning, ten points and row, not joking with you, we are very serious, I am the holy see this thing, do let everyone laugh and cry, I feel very touched. A sketch of 20 minutes, I hope the film to do so let everyone moved. Movies are comedy style." Kenji Wu also said that the current is looking for the value of the performance of the actress will be acting, starring in looking for, to be able to play comedy, but also able to move people, there are values and acting." As for whether to find Wei Chen to join, he said, I and Wei Chen had been talking, his acting is very good, may play a role. I will also find a lot of good friends, every friend to help them think of the role." The work is so busy, do you still have time to fall in love? Kenji Wu replied: "I now have three objects of love: brand, film, music, I want to do a good job in the past few years, love, such as old again." As for the new album preparations, he said it has recorded a half, "I feel songs throughout the first half, there are a lot of feelings on this album, the album is the heart." Wei Chen said the current 07 men reunited emotional life stable Wei Chen and Kenji Wu met for ten years, two people are in addition to the singer, but also has its own brand).相关的主题文章: