Home-and-Family ———- Great Ideas For Decorating A Kitchen There are numerous different ways to decorate the kitchen area of the home. Most people get immense desire to do these types of decorating projects on their own after looking at Home Improvement programs or after learning how simple it is from Dcor newsletters or online newsletters. One of the best ways to initiate kitchen remodeling projects is to start off with the walls. Using new wallpaper or new paint give the impression of a new backdrop to your kitchen while allowing for fresh palette for starting decorating. Perhaps you prefer to have paint on the walls and then add a wallpaper border around the middle of the room. Realistically the plan for the kitchen should allow for easy movement in the kitchen and for cooking supplies and appliances within easy reach. Be sure to ensure that that you create counters at the perfect height in order to make it easier for the cook to do his or her work. If the cook is left-handed, it may take more thought as to the direction cabinets door should open to make it a more pleasant experience for him or her to cook. It would be nice to allocate separate areas for pots while smaller areas are designed appropriately for small items. An alternative kitchen remodelling idea is to revamp old scratched wooden cabinets by resurfacing them. Resurfacing and then re-staining wooden cabinets leaves the kitchen area with a splendid glow. Remember though, do not attempt to sand wooden veneer cabinets, this job is a very skilled activity and is best done by people trained to do it. Cabinet hardware and accessories are fairly affordable. A brand new set of cabinet handles and hinges revitalizes many cabinets. Getting rid of solid cabinet doors and using instead glass doors makes a kitchen look much bigger. Another cool decorating idea for kitchen cabinets is to use stencils. The art of using stencils is quite simple and making use of repeated stencil motifs in the kitchen area can be very impressive. Adding a kitchen island is yet another great affordable kitchen decorating idea. Kitchen islands clearly creates much needed extra counter space and provide a gathering place. If funds and space are limited then a great alternative would be a kitchen cart. Most kitchen carts can have wheels for rolling around, as well as have shelves, drawers and racks to hang utensils. ———- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: