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Be Tough On Yourself, Why Do You Need To Be Tough On Yourself? By: Sandy Z – What motivates us? Is it positive reinforcement or negative consequences? Do we pay our taxes because we want to or because we are afraid of the IRS? I think the later. No matter how much we try to believe positive reinforcement works, it is usually the negati … Tags: Get Over Yourself, If You Want To Have Success, Have Grit, Not Intelligence, So Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – What prepares you more for life, grit of intelligence? Intelligence will only get you so far but grit will take you all the way. You need a dogged determination in order to have the things you want in life. Tags: Get Over Yourself, Join Toastmasters, The Best Way To Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – Do you want to be a better .municator or better leader? Here is how you do it; join Toastmasters! Tags: Get Over Yourself, Be The Leader You Are Supposed To Be So Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – Are you a leader that connects with others? In order to be a great leader you have to be a great connector. How do you connect? John Maxwell, the person that leaders go to in order to be.e a better leader, tells you how to connect in his book "Everyone .mun … Tags: Get Over Yourself, Be Not Do, And Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – Are you being or just doing. We are called human beings, not humans doing. Whenever we start something new we want to do the best we can. We do one thing, then another, then another, in hopes we will finally get it right. Why not be.e what we want to be and … Tags: Get Over Yourself, Light A Fire, Get Rid Of The Dead Wood, And Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – Sometimes we want to succeed but our lives seem so cluttered. We need to just say "get over yourself" and get rid of the things that clutter it. Perhaps it’s a relationship or a habit that we have that clutters our lives. Well get rid of the dead wood and do th … Tags: Get Over Yourself, Make Small Changes To Make Big Changes And Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – If you want to be successful in a home-based business you must make changes. Many times it is much easier to make the small changes necessary and over time the big changes will .e. That’s a way to reprogram our brains without blowing them up. Tags: *7* Mindsets Of Super Achievers Exposed! By: John Di Lemme – Quick summary of the motivational teaching, *7* MINDSETS of Super Achievers EXPOSED!, by John Di Lemme. Tags: Horoscope Reading Through Miracle In Tangible Existence By: Quyen Nguyen – Info from Horoscope Reading and 12 Zodiac signs let humans know their inborn archetypes to grow well. Based on birth date, check out your sign of the Zodiac with personalized Birth Chart! Tags: Simplifying Necessary Factors Of Dehumidifier By: Emily Warden – For deflecting the water you can also make use of deflectors for all downspouts that empty water to the collecting zone or next to the house, but not in the premises of the residence. This damp stays in the walls of a home and mold and fungus will start to grow an … Tags: 相关的主题文章: