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Let the tangle of Tang screen, non-invasive, sheep wear, do you really understand? Sohu – baby at night, if you think about the meaning of Tang screen "… And after you explore some, and whether they will be entangled in the Tang screen of the next of kin: non invasive and sheep wear… (like ` – like ‘) (-, the three what happened!? Tang screen screen, Down’s screening (Down syndrome prenatal screening examination). It can be used to predict the risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities by taking out the blood tests of pregnant women, and it can predict 21- trisomy syndrome, trisomy 18- syndrome, 13- trisomy syndrome and neural tube defects. Why do the screen, because Down syndrome is too terrible and painful… Moreover, about 95% of Down syndrome patients are normal parents and the family does not have Down’s syndrome, that is, normal pregnancy may occur down syndrome… So screening is important. Tang sieve, early Tang and Tang Dynasty, mainly according to the pregnant mother do check the gestational weeks to. This is not to say to do the two examination, to distinguish between Oh, do we do not need the early Tang Tang. Early Tang Tang vs, what are the different examination time: early Tang in 11 weeks of pregnancy -13 weeks, 14-20 weeks in pregnancy (check in time is very strict, over this time, you cannot do this check check): early Tang must do NT (check the fetal nuchal translucency examination), and in general just check the serum. However, the NT detection technology for doctors and machine configuration requirements are relatively high, which is the reason for the early Tang can not be carried out on a large scale accuracy: early Tang and NT combination, the detection rate of about 85%, the false positive rate of about 3%. The detection rate between 65-75%, the false positive rate in 5-8%. In simple terms, that is, sooner or later will be more accurate. One thing to note is that the screening is only a "risk assessment", which is a calculation of the possibility of the occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities, not diagnosis! There are generally two kinds of results: low risk and high risk. Well, to be honest, this is a low probability, the risk does not mean no risk, high risk will not necessarily give birth to "Tang Baobao", but the probability is higher. But still encourage everyone to do, as long as pumping a blood, no risk, the price is not expensive (about 300), after all, the baby can not afford to gamble, or do a good job. If the results of the test are high risk, the doctor will give the next step, do a non-invasive or sheep. Noninvasive, noninvasive DNA examination is also a "risk assessment", which is an advanced screening for Down’s syndrome. Check time is generally 12 weeks -24 weeks pregnant. This examination is also the need for maternal blood, through more advanced technology, extracted from maternal blood free fetal DNA fragments for sequencing. It should be noted that noninvasive DNA can only detect trisomy 3, trisomy 18- and trisomy 13- and do not detect fetal DNA in a global scale, 21-. However, for these 3 kinds of chromosomal abnormalities, noninvasive accuracy is better than Tang Shaigao, up to 99%. Of course, the cost is more expensive (2000-3000 yuan), not every hospital相关的主题文章: