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Li Keqiang held talks with Belgian prime minister – Sohu news CCTV network news (News Network): after the welcoming ceremony, Li Keqiang held talks with the president of the United States and China (). Li Keqiang said that the relationship between China and the United States a good momentum of development. The 45 anniversary of the establishment of the station in a new starting point, China is ready to work with the example of mutual respect, equality, deepen pragmatic cooperation and close cultural exchanges, to inject new vitality into the development of bilateral relations. Li Keqiang pointed out that Belgium in the pragmatic cooperation with China in the long term in the forefront of European countries. China is willing to work with better docking development strategy, to explore cooperation in the new growth point, strengthen the innovation of science and technology, advanced manufacturing and other related areas of cooperation and personnel training, to strengthen security cooperation, promote pragmatic cooperation to a new level. For example, to ease the export of high-tech products to China, to achieve better than mutually beneficial win-win situation. Li Keqiang stressed that Belgium is an important member of the EU, China is also an important partner in the eu. China has always supported the European integration process, hope to see a stable and prosperous European unity, is ready to carry out multi fields and multi form on the basis of consensus has been reached on cooperation. Let’s hope play an important role in the EU, pushing the EU to fulfill in the "Protocol" commitment to China joined WTO in fifteenth obligations, termination of the "surrogate country" approach, to accelerate the research on China EU investment agreement negotiations and China EU FTA feasibility, a central signal jointly oppose trade protectionism, promote the healthy and stable bilateral trade relations the development of. Michel said that the relationship between China and the better development. For example, adhere to free trade, is committed to expanding bilateral trade in agriculture and animal husbandry, information communication, in areas such as finance and insurance and investment cooperation, is willing to actively fulfill the pragmatic attitude of EU WTO related obligations, in pushing forward the China EU investment agreement negotiations for EU economic and trade relations development to create favorable conditions. After the talks, Li Keqiang and Michel witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents in the field of justice, infrastructure, high-tech and other fields.相关的主题文章: