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Li Rizhan "don’t be so proud" MV   American style interpretation of youth — Guangxi channel — original title: Li Rizhan, "don’t be so proud" MV American style youth recently, feel Entertainment’s signing singer Li Rizhan released second solo music works "don’t be so proud", after three songs the line had well received. Among them, the first wave of the same title song "do not be so proud", but also today officially released the whole network. This MV adds a large number of animation effects in the later production, making songs more youthful style, refreshing. Live Show MV in the form of American style dazzling, Li Rizhan holding a vertical band standing in the middle of wheat, is leading the band staged a Live Show, a cowboy collocation vibrant yet trend, the musicians in a circle accompanied him, stood beside a lot of professional music equipment, band feeling overwhelmed. MV in the shooting, chose to use completely white background, and has adopted the American style of animation, transitions and roles and brightly colored with plump and rhythm of collocation in post production, in order to highlight the song of youth and blood rock style situation. As the power of sweat warm High over the MV filming in July, the studio is hot, plus the strong light, Li Rizhan and three musicians began filming soon has been sweating. And Li Rizhan is more hot to makeup, almost with the attitude of the whole face to complete the shooting. But we did not because the environment is difficult and affected, but the scene of the heat and sweat into the warm, repeated again and again to play singing songs, interactive High studio. (commissioning editor Zhou Yule and Xu Jinwen) 李日詹《别那么骄傲》MV发布 美式风格诠释青春–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:李日詹《别那么骄傲》MV发布 美式风格诠释青春   近日,觉得娱乐旗下签约歌手李日詹发行了第二张个人音乐作品《别那么骄傲》,三首歌曲上线之后就收获了好评不断。其中的首波同名主打歌《别那么骄傲》,也于今日正式全网发布。这支MV在后期制作中加入了大量的动画效果,使歌曲本来青春活力的风格更加丰富,令人耳目一新。   Live Show形式呈现 美式风格亮眼   MV中,李日詹手握立麦站在乐队的中间,正在带领乐队上演一场Live Show,一袭牛仔搭配活力十足又不失潮流,乐手们围成一圈为他伴奏,身边放着很多专业的音乐器材,现场band感爆棚。MV在拍摄方面,则选择使用完全全白的背景,并在后期制作当中采用了具有美式风格、而且颜色鲜艳丰满又带有节奏感的动画转场与角色动画进行搭配,以此来凸显出歌曲青春活力、热血摇滚的风格情境。   化汗水为动力 热情High翻全场   MV拍摄之时正值七月,摄影棚内格外闷热,再加上棚内灯光强烈,李日詹和三名乐手刚刚开始拍摄不久已经汗流浃背。而李日詹更是热到脱妆,几乎是以素颜的姿态完成了整场拍摄。不过大家并没有因为环境艰难而受到影响,反而将现场的热浪与汗水转化为热情,一次次的反复弹奏演唱着歌曲,互动High翻影棚。 (责编:周雨乐、许荩文)相关的主题文章: