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Lifelong responsibility forced executives of state-owned enterprises as the central enterprises "– China News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, original title: lifetime responsibility forced back executives of state-owned enterprises" own "incentive coin", it is the proper punishment mechanism well done, and earn more, promising, do, earn less, but also lifelong responsibility, the state-owned assets will really be screwed on the safety valve. The day before, "on the establishment of state-owned enterprises illegal investment accountability system of opinions" issued, clearly a major decision "nine aspects of 54 cases of the lifelong responsibility, through careful institutional arrangements to prevent the loss of state assets. Among them, the state-owned enterprise executives once identified to be responsible for the loss of assets, not only will face from the criticism to the removal of different levels of organization, but also may face severe financial penalties. Such as the comments of the person concerned, these Provisions are clear and specific, workable, deterrent, so that the system really fell on the ground." Before, a similar responsibility and many, but on the one hand, the lower order, thinning is not enough; on the other hand, most of them are trapped in the paper over". In the reform of state-owned enterprises comprehensive tackling the background, the significance lies in the views of protect valuable assets for the national implementation of incentive and punishment, and, while the key is to let executives of state-owned enterprises "as their own". Why emphasize "own"? Generally, the relationship between the owners and operators of private enterprises is relatively close, even in the presence of two corporate one, "home business" of course more attention. But because the state-owned enterprise ownership belongs to the whole people, for others is "other people’s business", ganhaoganhuai seems to be a kind, does not affect the economic income, and not to delay the political future. It is because of the lack of direct interests, the state-owned enterprises operating, investment decisions prone to arbitrary or short-sighted. On the other hand, only by strengthening the link between the manager and the operating conditions of the enterprise, can we better urge them to do their duty. From the international experience, including Singapore’s Temasek model and other more mature state-owned enterprise management, the appropriate incentive mechanism is very important. Not long ago, the state-owned ESOP pilot, in fact, the use of private enterprises to explore ways to optimize the way out of public ownership. On the back of this incentive coin, must be the appropriate punishment mechanism, good job, earn more, promising, do, earn less, more responsibility for life, a combination of the two good is really mobilize enthusiasm of executives of state-owned enterprises, state-owned assets will really be screwed on the safety valve. These truths have been talked about for many years, it is difficult in the implementation of the two words. From the top of the program one by one to each industry, each enterprise, each subsidiary, is bound to touch the complex interests of the chain. Rewards are naturally welcome, disciplinary action and who is willing to accept? So, the key is to implement Mathias simultaneously, and strive to two aspects of the advantages and disadvantages of rewards and punishments clearly, such as the "deduction and recourse liability (including annual) three years before the 100% term incentive income and deferred payment performance salary so harsh)相关的主题文章: