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Liu Xiang Wu Shaqi sold and adorable pupils like fear of school – dog play drums Liu Xiang Liu Xiang Sohu entertainment funny expression   Wu’s "black" boyfriend Liu Xiang     Sohu Angeles coincides with the students’ school season, the stars have the baby to send the baby to go to school, no baby actually pretend small students, selling the adorable. In August 31st, Liu Xiang’s girlfriend Wu drying out a small video posing the Liu Xiang drums. In the video, Liu Xiang while playing the drums while the camera looks funny, very professional way, but in the "end" of the time because of body sway too much from the chair directly fall down, to shoot the video of Wu Shadou laughs aloud. And with the text writes: "going to school tomorrow (Liu Xiang, I’ll find a place to hide)" this video release, Liu Xiang was the first to grab the sofa, said: "good photos?" And on the same day, Liu Xiang also drying out on the grass lying on the photo, and said: tomorrow begins!" Also AIT Wu sha. It turned out that the two had already made an appointment, the release of the small and fresh photos, but Miss Wu naughty black boyfriend. The two high-profile show loving dog abuse, also attracted numerous onlookers and message, he said: "in front of you like a child, I hope you always happy!" "A flexible body." "The dog food? Come up." "I have become a brother of the landlord’s silly son."相关的主题文章: