Macao Hotel adjustment strategy to attract more tourists to the stars

Macao Hotel adjustment strategy to attract more tourists drop star mass – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, according to the Macao Daily reported that nearly two months, with the opening of Nuevo Hotel, Macao increase of more than 4 thousand Hotel rooms. Hotel industry, said the first half of the hotel revenue significantly reduced compared to 14 years when the peak, more than half of the monthly decrease. The opening of many hotels in the future, prices are still expected downward pressure. In recent years, the hotel facilities adjustment strategy, even if conditions for the star, but to attract more middle or public consumer, rather than to four-star or less, corresponding to increase the attractiveness of the market. The five year plan proposed by the SAR government will increase the number of hotel rooms by an increase of at least 14 thousand and 400 jobs in the period. Hotel industry, said the figures, including the opening of the two major hotel projects this year, there are more than 4 thousand hotel rooms, together with the next few years will be the opening of the project, the figures in line with expectations. As for the number of employees, directly to see the growth of tourists. If the tourists slow growth, may not need to increase the number of personnel. This year the opening of the two major hotels, are internally mobilized staff, it is estimated that if the business is not too hot, can cope with. However, the industry believes that the growth of passenger traffic may not be linked to the size of the hotel. The first half of this year prices fell sharply, in order to attract more tourists, consumers feel more cost-effective, willing to try new, is good for the whole tourism industry. But for the hotel industry, significantly reduced revenue, hotel prices in 2014 is the highest peak in history, in the first half of this year, two or three months of revenue fell by half in 2014, the overall decline in profits. In the face of the opening of the Nuevo Hotel, the hotel price competition is fierce, some high-end customers are willing to try. And in recent years the new hotel to reduce foot conditions but to declare the five-star four-star, hoping to attract more people to stay.相关的主题文章: