Magic speed H6 will be listed at the end of October or the sale of 59 thousand and 800 -7.58 million

Magic speed H6 will be listed at the end of October or the sale of 59 thousand and 800 -7.58 million days ago, the domestic media exposure of a group of magic speed H6 price information, the new car will be launched passenger and logistics vehicles in two models, the price range of 59 thousand and 800 suspected -7.58 million by the end of October 2016, will be officially listed on Beiqi magic speed S3L seven SUV upgrade the new benchmark Beiqi magic speed H6 is positioned as a new business light passenger models, which first appeared in January 2015. Body size, magic speed H6 width and height are 4925mm, 1834mm and 1980mm, high top body height of 2115mm. The wheelbase length of the car to reach 3080mm, providing 6, 7, three seats in the number of passenger cars with 2, 5 seat number of two logistics models. In addition to conventional light passenger models, the phantom speed H6 also provides a logistics model. The car uses a stronger sense of privacy, the body is more robust full shade body design. Judging from the body of the vehicle door handle, rear door Beiqi magic speed H6 use push-pull sliding door, this design is not only convenient for passengers, goods on and off, can save more space. The interior, the new design is very simple atmosphere, control desk Decoration adds a lot of business atmosphere for the vehicle interior. In the configuration, from before the official news exposure, magic speed H6 the whole system will be the standard lock, the driving seat safety belt is not to remind the door is not closed alarm, vehicle anti-theft system configuration. In the high allocation of vehicles will be equipped with dual front airbags, reversing radar, reversing the image. Bus version of the magic speed H6 provides 679 models, including the 9 seat version of the layout of the specific design for the middle of the two rows of 1+1 independent seat plus rear seat layout of the way the 3. The benefits of doing so is that it can not only reserve enough space for passengers, as a public space corridor can also be more spacious. But the logistics version is provided 25 seat layout, its internal use of flat floor design, looks very big, the van had enough cargo space, yet did not disclose the specific volume data of the car interior. Power, Beiqi magic speed H6 is expected to be equipped with 1.5L and 1.8L two gasoline engine, maximum power of 83 kW and 102 kW respectively, peak torque of 150 cattle and 180 cattle · · meters; meters and is equipped with variable valve timing system. Transmission is matched with the 5 speed manual transmission. The new car will be officially listed at the end of October, competitors include Changan Rui line (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Jinbei (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) vans etc..相关的主题文章: