Makeup in the end with a brush or claws Which is better (video)

Makeup in the end with a brush or claws? Which is better? The United States out of the Milky Way micro signal: mcyhxbb makeup to use a brush? This seems to be a eternal proposition. Professional makeup artist to tell you, be sure to use a brush! Wild school tells you that you can get your paws off without too much trouble! Korean actress makeup bag secret items to create the pure natural makeup UP but, look at the professional makeup artist painted exquisite flawless makeup, then compare their less than half a day on the card powder makeup face, should know who to listen to! In fact, the make-up or use a professional makeup brush, such painted makeup is delicate and comfortable! Because of the use of hand, bacteria, temperature and other factors on the hand, will affect the fitness of cosmetics! Finally out of the makeup effect of course is not the same ~ for the professional makeup artist must have more than a dozen brush! The art of the heart is the collapse of the TAT we know, cosmetic brush according to different parts and makeup requirements, divided into foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, brush, brush, high light shadow eye contour brush, eye Smudge Brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, bridge bean sack, listed so much, not to you put the brush to buy all over of every hue! Even if the wallet can afford, in fact, the result is that the purchase is not necessarily used to get! Occupy the place does not say, and cause unnecessary waste. In the daily makeup, want a more professional makeup, only need to streamline four brush properly package you enough! Brush is generally hair fiber, mostly flat, there are flat, can choose according to personal habits. Although his lovely claws can be on the foundation, but absolutely such as special makeup brush, can make the foundation more manageable and transparent. Smudge Brush on, you’re not wrong! This is a small candle head brush! It can be more compact shape, shading orbital, Biying painting, play blush! I won’t tell you, actually blush is more suitable for a small brush, especially for make-up novice, it is easier to control. Small eye shadow brush eye shadow can not be used by hand! No matter how good the technology is not uniform brush! But the general eye shadow brush does not need to specially to buy personal, sometimes not so exquisite, comes with eye shadow box is OK! Powder brush makeup and hairdressing for a large and fluffy brush! The last step in make-up, with this big brush, there will be a breeze feeling. About 130 techniques real makeup brush grass soft currency Etude makeup brush about 25-80 soft currency 3CE cosmetic brush about 200 soft currency of the three brands are more suitable for beginners to set the price is very beautiful and can choose to buy a single brush cleaning brush to streamline the clean, but also hard! The correct way to clean the makeup brush is to clean it once a month! This is the bottom line of the lazy again […]. Don’t ask me what cosmetic brush clean is a ghost? If you didn’t clean, the president of the face acne is not strange ~ if you can very hard playfully told me that I was not clean, but I’m not zhangdou! That I I, I, I will kneel!! No way out! Natural skin is good willed! As for the makeup brush in the end how to clean!相关的主题文章: