Man imitated thousands of boxes of famous ceramic tile, involving more than 10 million-ca1835

Men’s imitation of thousands of boxes of brand-name tiles involving the value of more than 10 from the Municipal Public Security Bureau to promote a strong "love my home" environmental remediation special action since the Ganjingzi branch of the initiative, around the harm people’s livelihood, involving environmental pollution crime, intensify the punishment blow. Recently, the police visited the area at the time, found a small xinzhaizi warehouse, put a lot of wait for packaging tiles, tiles for police sources were investigated, found that the warehouse tiles are fake and shoddy products, seized more than 1000 boxes of counterfeit tiles. The investigation, since May 2016, the suspect Wang, Changtu County, Tieling City, find a tile factory, pay 60 thousand yuan, ask a famous imitation ceramic tile; at the same time, a packing box factory in Wafangdian City to ask the famous imitation ceramic tile packing box and order. As of the incident, Wang has sold thousands of boxes of counterfeit tiles, involving a value of more than ten million yuan. At present, the suspect Wang has been the public security organs bail, the case is under further work. According to professionals, fake tile product quality standards, exceed the standard number of environmental indicators, harmful to human. The police suggested that only sell dog meat, deceptive, opportunistic, obtain benefits for their behavior has violated the law. The majority of consumers have safety awareness, find problems and timely contact with the public security department. (Hao Ming Peninsula morning, Haili network chief reporter Wang Lin)

男子仿制上千箱名牌瓷砖 涉案价值10余万   自市公安局强势推进“爱我家园”环保安全整治专项行动以来,甘井子分局主动出击,围绕危害民生领域、涉及环境污染犯罪,全面加大打击惩处力度。近日,民警在辖区走访时,发现辛寨子一小区仓库内,放有大量等待包装的瓷砖,民警对瓷砖的来源进行了调查,发现,该仓库内的瓷砖均为假冒伪劣产品,当场查扣假冒瓷砖1000多箱。   经查,2016年5月份以来,犯罪嫌疑人王某,找到铁岭市昌图县的一瓷砖厂,付款6万元,要求对方仿制某名牌瓷砖;同时,在瓦房店一包装箱工厂要求对方仿制该名牌瓷砖包装箱并订购。截至案发,王某已经销售了上千箱假冒瓷砖,涉案价值十余万元。目前,犯罪嫌疑人王某已被公安机关取保候审,案件正在进一步工作中。   据专业人士介绍,假冒的瓷砖产品质量不达标,多项环保指标超标,对人体危害较大。   警方提示   挂羊头、卖狗肉、以假乱真、投机取巧,为自己获取利益的行为,已经触犯法律。广大消费者购买时要有安全防范意识,发现问题及时与公安部门取得联系。   (郝明 半岛晨报、海力网首席记者王琳)相关的主题文章: