Maruti Suzuki India Rolls Out A Refreshed Wagon R Exciting .eback!

Automobiles Being costlier by a margin of 10,000 bucks, the best selling hatchback of Maruti Suzuki is expected to be 8 percent more fuel efficient. The all new Wagon R is also likely to generate more than 20 kilometers per litre as .pared to the previous edition that generated 15.3 kilometers per litre. The all new remodeled Maruti Suzuki Wagon R will be made available in Lxi and Vxi variants. It will range up to the price of 4.42 lacs. Exhibiting a contemporary design, the all new Wagon R is likely to be fuel efficient due to the superior engine breathing and advanced .bustion. As for the fuel options, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R will be offered in petrol variant, CNG and LPG variant while diesel edition of Wagon R is likely to be expected to hit the Indian market soon. Also, the new Wagon R has advanced smoother and better gear shifts that are a result of introducing the low viscosity transmission oil. The low viscosity transmission oil also helps in saving on the maintenance costs. In addition, the refreshed Wagon R is said to be OBD-II .pliant that lets the driver in keeping a check on the engines proper functions and emissions principles. The new Wagon R also boasts to be equipped with an indicator that alarms the driver in case of any serious issues caused by the engine. As for the interiors, the all the Wagon R also features standard interiors, redesigned upholstery and storage area on top of the glove box. The new hatch also provides a choice of day n night vision in the rear view mirror. Along with this, the high end model also exhibits an incorporated Eagle Wings audio system with in built USB ports. In regard to the color options, the 2013 edition of Wagon R will be available in beige and red. In order to enhance the design of the car on the whole, the exteriors of the new Wagon R have gone under a striking transformation in order to exhibit reduced noise of the wind at higher levels of speed. As far as the exteriors are concerned, the car exhibits a narrower grille whereas the bumper is restyled with larger vents. Also, large fog lamps have been installed instead of reflectors in addition. A major sales driven factor that plays a successful role in this new hatchbacks achievement is its price. Costing just 10 grands extra, Maruti Suzuki India has adapted a perfect pricing strategy that will suit the Indian buyers. Therefore, just like the outgoing model, the all new refreshed Wagon R also is expected to meet great success in Indian market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: