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Home-Appliances Dont sulk if you are among the demographics that have a limited bedroom space. Style is not only meant for spacious bedroom. Armed with practical ideas, you too can have the cozy bedroom you are dreaming out. With the right and appropriate bedroom furniture and creative ideas, dream bedroom is just a step away. One .mon mistake that furniture buyer misses is buying bulky furniture pieces that are not really much in use, one example is side table. Why bother buying one if its main purpose is just to put your picture when you hang them on the wall. Simple and thin furniture occupies less space. If side table is indeed a necessity, then you can try the folded side tables. Platform beds are known for its space saving functionality. Drawers and shelves can be installed underneath the bed to storage purposes. Less clutter, more space. The platform bed headboard can be used as shelves too. For childrens bedroom, side wall panel shelves works best. Its easy accessibility and classy wall pattern designs added instant style to the room. Now you can put all those childrens books and toys in a presentable way. For fragile decorative, you can put it on floating shelves; this will balance out the panel wall shelves. As for the wardrobe cabinets, sliding doors will help you save space .pared to traditional push and pull door. The platform bed low design makes your ceiling appear high, creating a roomy and spacious effect in your room. That goes the same with the color of your bedroom. Stick to neutral light color works well for small bedroom. A white with a tinge of purple used for bedding, rug and shelf borders is a good idea. Use white laminates for all the furniture and just a hint of purple. Decorative light fixtures instantly spruce up the small bedroom designs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: