Maxwell coffee factory in Guangzhou by the end of the production of coffee business decline tonya mitchell

Maxwell coffee factory in Guangzhou by the end of the production of coffee business decline Maxwell coffee factory in Guangzhou last year by mondelez peel at the end of this year will be discontinued after each reporter Jin Zhe "Shannon drops, say" used by many coffee lovers welcome Maxwell seems to be in trouble. In September 21st, the "daily economic news" reporter arrived at the factory Maxwell Dongji Industrial Park in Whampoa  District of Guangzhou city is located, the huge factory only a security guard to work. He said the reporter to the consultation, the whole company, the last two days holiday, will resume normal work on the 23 day, the entire factory will be closed at the end of December. Maxwell coffee brand holding company Jacobs DouweEgberts (hereinafter referred to as JDE) for the exclusive reporter responded that the company decided since 2017, the Greater China market by the Thailand Bangkok production base to supply products, China Guangzhou factory will no longer produce. Guangzhou factory production next year is no longer Maxwell coffee factory located in foreign FMCG gathered in Guangzhou Dongji industrial zone. The reporter saw in the company Front Gate, side wall printed Maxwell in English name, one side printed with "JDE" and "Guangzhou Zhen drink coffee Co. ltd.". And other factories and cars to the car is different, Maxwell coffee factory electronic gate was pushed to the side, the factory a quiet, did not listen to the sound of the machine operation. Today, only I go to work alone, No. 23 to return to work." "Daily economic news" reporter to peer to security personnel consulting company operating conditions, he said he did not know the specific reasons for the holidays, and refused to visit the request of the reporter. The staff said that the company will operate for several months, but has issued a notice will be closed at the end of this year, "our contract in March next year, it is not clear how to get the next, the company now has more than and 100 employees." When reporters want to learn more details, the staff said he was not the company’s senior, not clear the specific circumstances. Subsequently, the reporter stay around the factory for about half an hour, only to see the internal parking lot parked a white car, no personnel out. A person concerned Maxwell factory operations to reporters learned in Maxwell factory may turn off the news, she called the factory in September 20th, is also a claimed security personnel staff to answer the phone, "he said the factory the only person to work". The evening of September 21st, JDE confirmed in reply to e-mail interview with reporters, in order to help the company to achieve business growth in the Asian region, as well as the growing China market to build a strong supply base, the company took the opportunity to carry out the assessment of the Asian supply network, Guangzhou plant since 2017 are no longer in production. However, the reporter did not respond to the specific sales of Maxwell in the Chinese market. The coffee business decline in the industry view, the mondelez peel coffee business, JDE Maxwell closed the factory in Guangzhou is not a sudden move. July 2015, theory相关的主题文章: