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Mido Baroncelli collection commemorative couple table combination there is always what you want – Sohu [watch home market] in recent months, with the continuous spread of Basel watch exhibition of new products listed Mido Baroncelli and multimedia advertising, 40 anniversary Collector’s series of commemorative watches continues to heat up, and there has been a considerable part of the user to purchase and the experience of this watch. Recently, I learned in visiting harmony world watch center blue island mansion in Beijing shop, here Mido Baroncelli collection series of new products in many styles, can be any combination of a couple of styles, prices from 7600 yuan. It is understood that other new Mido current spot less, will have to wait for. Mido Baroncelli series M027.407.36.260.00 M027. watch this year this is Mido Baroncelli collections a couple of tables in the luxury style, of course, it is not of precious metal watch. The couple on the fine steel PVD rose gold plated, is also a double bezel, the design highlights the blued steel dial intermediate, watch considerably. Mens styles are slim beauty automatic movement built in ETA 2892 based. Used to dial the 6 o’clock position Baroncelli in the 70s launch hand name for the prototype, reproduce the sense of fashion. Because the thin, wearing the watch overall sense is very prominent, of course, its weight will be relatively light, not too thick for the arms of people wear. Mido Baroncelli series M027.407.16.010.00 M027. watch this couple is Baroncelli collection series of commemorative watches in the stainless steel case of the same style, a beautiful blue middle, so watch to the vitality of the young. Compared to the last couple watches, I tend to love this, after all, gold for young people is somewhat exaggerated, not so delight. A smooth and clean stainless steel with plain surface, is young people’s taste. Slim belt, soft texture, dome design double bezel from Baroncelli inspired Emanuel II arcade, so this watch has connotation and taste, the price is relatively close to the people, so the popular styles. Female models, in fact, personal feeling collocation pearl surface Diamond Dial styles will be better. Mido Baroncelli series M027.407.16.050.00 M027. watch the couple style is not the official, but the combination of store display. In fact, men and women are single product, free combination, mens black disk very sophisticated design, simple and classic watches, personally think that if you want to mature a little money, then this would be more appropriate. In collocation, black plate style is also relatively all-match. The woman is pearl diamond disk, compact disc, scale, Fritillaria have different color in different angles, very delicate, is also very all-match. The degree of 3相关的主题文章: