Millions of dollars by the old student does not expire the court also froze the debtor account soojin

Old classmates borrow millions of dollars due to the court to freeze the debtor also stock account – Beijing newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zhan Baoyu elegant) had good relations between an old classmate to Wu borrow 1 million yuan, but due to poor management unable to repay, two people go to court. After Wu won, the other side is still not rely on. Lianhu District Court quickly enforce the freezing of the debtor’s stock account, the applicant for the implementation of the Wu back to arrears. A full and Wu is an old classmate, weekdays good relationship. May 2014, in June, a total of two loans to Wu a total of 1 million yuan, agreed on the monthly interest and repayment date. A full written IOU, Wu paid money to. Later, all of the loan will be used for a wide range of investment operations, but because of poor investment projects, after the delay is not able to return the loan wu. In desperation, Wu had to complete a prosecution to court lianhu. November 2015, Lianhu District court verdict: by a total return of 1 million yuan principal Wu, interest of $115 thousand. However, after the entry into force of the judgment, the whole has not been active. Some time ago, the Wu Lianhu apply to the court for compulsory execution. Subsequently, the Lotus Lake District Court Executive Bureau of the property of the person under the name of a full implementation of the inquiry, the inquiry into the name of the stock account of a total value of more than 100 yuan of stock. Executive judge immediately went to the securities company to freeze a certain stock account, and inform the executor of a certain, if not to repay the arrears, the stock will be forced to close their accounts. After a comprehensive consideration of personal financial management, financial situation, the implementation of a full and the applicant has become the implementation of the reconciliation. All a multi-party financing, one-time payment of 1 million 100 thousand yuan to the applicant to apply for the implementation of the settlement agreement on the spot.相关的主题文章: