Ministry of housing support for the fight against real estate agents in Shanghai fabricated rumors s pullip

Ministry of housing: to support Shanghai against real estate intermediary have spread rumors behavior recently, the network spread "September Shanghai city will implement the purchase of credit deal" rumors, the Shanghai municipal housing and Urban Construction Committee of the emergency rumor, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention 7 suspects maliciously false rumors, city network according to the letter office closed 5 WeChat public number. In this regard, the Ministry of housing, the relevant responsible person said, this kind of rumors to mislead consumers, disrupt the market order, social impact. Shanghai, a number of departments to act quickly, severely punished, worthy of praise. The responsible person said, this year, the Ministry of housing and real estate intermediary to carry out the deployment of special rectification activities, all in accordance with the unified deployment requirements, to the real estate intermediary illegal behavior, intensify efforts to investigate, from Shanghai City, multi department joint action, discovered, investigated and dealt with, will not be tolerated. For fabricating rumors spread of the real estate intermediary practitioners, once verified, will be legally blacklisted, out of the real estate market; real estate intermediary to fabricate and disseminate rumors, if the circumstances are serious, once verified, according to the law to rectify. Next, the masses of the typical case, strong outstanding issues, the Ministry of housing to supervise the handling, and earnestly safeguard the market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. [reports] Shanghai Police detailed: "new home" rumor is a step by step how to? The 9 Japanese media in September: according to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau WeChat platform "Shanghai police train" news, recently, on September in Shanghai will be the purchase of credit deal rumors circulating on the network, has aroused widespread concern. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau quickly organized forces to carry out the investigation, to identify the source of the fabricated and spread rumors, on the evening of September 6th in one fell swoop, Zhao Shen Moumou, Zhang Moumou, Yu Moumou, Cai Moumou, Ni Moumou, Yao and other 7 malicious fabricated and spread rumors involved. After appearing in court, 7 people involved in their fabricating and spreading rumors confessed. Currently, 7 people have been under criminal detention according to law. Last night, @ police train – Shanghai issued this message, users have a message for details. Today morning, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Public, WeChat Shanghai police train released by Shanghai buyers credit deal "rumors of the incident, female intermediary for sale at rumors. In August 22nd, the first rumor released at the end of August, the sales manager of Shanghai Jinfeng enjoysmart Real Estate Consultants Ltd. Shen Moumou (female, 34 years old) is an important day. Although many people pay a deposit of real estate transactions, but most of them did not apply for loans for Shen Moumou, which means that this part of the transaction can not be included in her sales performance. Then, in August 22nd 11, Shen Moumou in order to complete their responsible Pudong New Area real estate sales task, using the real estate transaction fears credit policy to further tighten the psychological, deliberately fabricated rumors said: "it has received a notice, due to the recent land auction price is too high, all departments of the City Committee will be held next week, on September to adjust the plan bank lending policies do not end the loan contract, without trial please press apply as soon as possible, the tightening of credit policy great efforts". Then Shen Moumou employees in the company’s WeChat communications group.相关的主题文章: