Mitochondrial Dna Testing Can Tell You If Youre Related To

Science In his book, "The Seven Daughters Of Eve", Oxford University Professor Brian Sykes uses research obtained through mitochondrial DNA testing on specimens extracted from the Iceman to back up his conclusion that all people on Earth are direct descendants of one of the seven daughters of Eve and therefore direct descendants of Eve herself. In essence his theory proposes that there really was one woman to begin with and that through mitochondrial DNA testing, we find that we are all descended directly from her. The opposing theory is that there had to have been more than one woman in order for the human race to grow fast enough and survive the harsh climate. However this theory only means that there could have really been more than one Eve. Theological discussions aside, I find it intriguing that it would be possible to use mitochondrial DNA testing to trace our lineage back to the dawn of time, whether it’s to one woman or several women. Think of it. My ancestor may have lived in the cave right next door to yours! They may have exchanged recipes for barbecued Mastodon and Spicy Pterodactyl wings! Mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA as it’s .monly named, is passed from the mother to her offspring, both male and female. But the male does not pass it on to his offspring. It’s only passed by the mother. Therefore my mother passed it to me, her mother passed it to her, and so on. The reason it’s so easily traced is because mtDNA rarely mutates or changes in any way. Therefore I share exactly the same mtDNA with my mother that she shares along with her mother. But, every few thousand years a modification or mutation does occur within the mtDNA which creates a new ‘branch’ within the ancestral tree. It’s by following all of those branches back through the centuries and centuries that human beings have been existing that Professor Sykes has determined we’re all descended from seven totally different women who all share the same mother – Eve. If you are an admirer of Dan Brown then you are familiar with his now world famous book, "The DaVinci Code". This book created quite a stir when it proposed that not only was Jesus married but he also had children. Imagine having the ability to trace your lineage all the way back to the wife of Jesus. And of course, Jesus had a mother so that means you’d also be connected to her and all of her ancestors. And if you could trace it that far, and be that specific, then you almost certainly could trace it all the way back to Eve as well. And whether it’s one Eve or seven, or maybe seventy Eves, how interesting would that be? Irrespective of which theory is right, or if either is right, the fact is we’re all connected somewhere in time. At some point there was a beginning. It might have been a ‘Big Bang’ that occurred over thousands of years or it might have been an over night ‘Creation’ but if you perform the mitochondrial DNA testing back through the eons you’ll see that we really are all related to the Seven Daughters Of Eve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: