Mom went out to buy food, when the children back in the hospital! Sohu –

Mom went out to buy food, when the children back in the hospital! The mother – Sohu is a very happy family of three, father went out to earn money to support the family, the mother is responsible for housework and child care, the time passed quickly, from the baby comes to two couples around passed five years, the child is 5 years old, one day the mother and the baby at home, mother look at the time of cooking, let their children play at home, and will be the home windows and doors are locked, the mother went out to buy food, such as mother to buy food back silly, neighbors told my mother that the child had an accident, now in the hospital, the mother quickly dropped his dish to go to the hospital on the way, mother crying in the hospital to ask what happened to the doctor said the child from the child, the doctor upstairs falls, but fortunately there is a canopy and soft grass to protect life. "All the doors and windows are locked, the child will be such an accident," said the mother. The child’s self-control and discrimination ability is very weak, and active, easy to anxiety, if the child had to stay at home alone, these aspects should be more careful. For 3 to 6 year old children, parents to carry out basic safety education, and then a little more children, to give them more detailed safety guidelines. In addition, the home in the balcony on the ground do not pile up debris or placed in a chair, to avoid children climbing cause falls; if there is a safety net, should also be regular inspection and maintenance, to avoid old loose. How to prevent children from accidental falls? A home window must do protective measures, some live users may live in a high-rise commercial building is not installed anti-theft network, network security can not only can do anti-theft security risks for the children at home, regardless of the floor level, for the safety of children must do good protective measures, this is a very good way to protect children from danger. Two, many children love to move, to clean the window near the sundries in the home, do not put things in the stool, near a window box, once the children climb can be very dangerous, so near the window can not put excessive items. Three, installation of home windows must be with protective, some windows switch is very simple, the child opens with a touch, you can choose to install the windows home opened inward, switch position of the window. The high point, this is only for children to avoid the child to open the window. Four, children must play activities in their sight, if there is a problem, can be the first time out, can not let the children free to enter the kitchen, the kitchen tool and weapon more easily cause harm to the child. Five, a baby’s height should be set to the balcony climbing surface 110 cm above the non horizontal railing design, and balcony ground clearance, no debris piled up or placed in a chair, in order to avoid children climbing. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: