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Quick breakfast of onion Egg cakes – Sohu mother many mothers will complain about the morning time, often do not have time to give the baby to make breakfast, then recommend this breakfast is a quick breakfast, the mother can put the ingredients ready in the evening, so even a busy morning, mothers can easily the baby’s breakfast. Production process of raw materials 1, all the ingredients are washed from the middle of 2, the onion cut into 5 mm thick circle, put carrots and onions are the remaining dice, chopped corn, onion onion 3, beat the egg into the egg 4, put all ingredients into the egg with salt mix 5, small burning hot pan, into a film of oil with a brush, the onion rings into 6, to mix a good egg carefully into the circle, fry two minutes 7, take the fried onion rings Egg cakes plate cooking tips recommended by onions contain spicy flavor can effectively stimulate the stomach baby, help increase appetite and promote digestion, use it to fix the egg, there has also joined the protection of the baby Eyesight of carrots, but also rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis of corn kernels, such a breakfast is not only good-looking and nutrition is also very convenient, mothers come to try it. Your mother can according to their own preferences, add egg ingredients.相关的主题文章: