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UnCategorized Open access mudroom lockers can be purchased with multiple storage units, or they can be purchased as single user designer units for special project needs. In both model designs, the configuration of the storage area features a three .partment design. The top .partment is used to store special items that do not require secure storage. These items can range from athletic equipment, special gear, gloves, or caps. The middle section is used to store coats or uniforms. The bottom section, frequently called a foot locker, is used to place shoes. However, there are also times where people use this bottom area to store personal valuables that require secure storage. Mudroom lockers are made from either high-quality wood or steel. The choice between the two is often made by architects on aesthetic considerations alone. Wood contributes a fine decor to many of the upscale settings where a clean room is needed to prevent mud from being tracked into the entirety of the facility. The exception to this rule would be in mudrooms used by police and firemen. Storage areas for these professionals serve a strictly utilitarian purpose. Material build, interior cubic storage space, durability, and space conservation in relation to the confines of the room itself are all factors to be considered in purchase and design. Architects can find in todays marketplace the most suitable mudroom lockers for specific .mercial environments. Many vendors will offer consulting services that help builders in the residential market design mudrooms for private residents. The remainder of this article contains suggested use of some of the models we carry. Keep in mind these are suggested uses and are by no means limiting on the number of applications that each specific product may be used for. Private health clubs, such as the ones we often see in country clubs, often choose bench seat open access lockers or double sided wood coat lockers for two reasons. The first reason is their multi-user convenience. One or two of these units ac.modates the personal needs of multiple individuals. Equally important to these elite establishments are considerations of decor. The wood used to build these lockers will .pliment a broad spectrum of interior decorating styles. Single section designer mudroom lockers made from wood offer the same superior aesthetic as do their multi-user counterparts. The advantage they offer to interior designers is the ability to custom build storage systems to a specific number of users. Many residential builders also favor these units because they can be used to ac.modate families with a specific number of adults and children. Prep schools, colleges, and universities can purchase open access wood athletic lockers that are special designed for heavy duty use in sports and athletic locker rooms. One notably specialized mudroom locker is the gear locker. It is made from steel, and it is specifically designed to store the specialized equipment, safety equipment, uniforms, and even weapons of public servants such as city workers, firemen, and police officers. It has a superior upper box storage unit, and the foot locker is also larger so that it can hold bulky items like work boots. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: