Network security week Tencent know the layout of the layout of the strongest security

Network security: Tencent articles KnownSec exhibition layout of the strongest security matrix – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, September 19th,   Third National Network Safety Week held in Wuhan, this week with "security network security network security for the people by the people" as the theme, around the financial, telecommunications, e-government, electronic commerce and industry and other key areas of network security issues, for the hot problems of public concern, organized network security Expo and other series of theme activities. As Chinese security industry giants, Tencent jointly KnownSec security joint exhibition, and to "the strongest security matrix, universal network security guards" as the show’s theme booth, open platform for security escort industry operation and safety of international leading technology, involving many aspects of security research, industrial cooperation and the production of black combat etc.. In addition, Tencent security joint laboratory, unicorn pseudo base station real-time detection system, the first time since the establishment of the opening of the appearance of the release, becoming a major highlight of the current network security week. Network security Tencent security guard for the first time the strongest security matrix according to the latest data show that by June 2016, China’s total number of Internet users has reached 710 million. With the rapid development of Internet, network security issues become increasingly prominent, network attacks, network security and other terrorist incidents have occurred, infringement of personal privacy money, steal personal information, fraud, pornography and Internet users, It is often seen. Internet rumors and other illegal acts, has become the outstanding problem of influencing national public security. This week the national security, a total of nearly 100 domestic and international well-known Internet companies, enterprise network security. This year is the third consecutive year to participate in the national security Tencent security week. This year, the Tencent and the KnownSec Joint Pavilion in the form of design in the sense of science and technology into the design elements and style, more creative characteristics and ideas, by encircling the layout and a variety of multimedia video technology, fully demonstrated the advantage and know Yu in the safety data, products and services of the Tencent security. The exhibition hall, the new lineup of Tencent for the first time the public security appeared, showing a full range of ecological security matrix, Tencent to build safety to the whole society including: security products, security, ecological security tool platform and large data joint laboratory monitoring, security guard ambassador. Among them, in addition to security products quanyun library, mobile phone, computer housekeeper housekeeper Tencent Tencent, enterprise and individual users are familiar with the joint laboratory, Tencent safety monitoring system, kylin pseudo base station Tencent Guardian plans of the latest security matrix also appear in all core exhibition area. Compared with previous years, this year the Tencent security hall is more abundant and diverse, in to the society and the public display of deep security industry 17 years of ability and strength, also show the Tencent in recent years in the "Internet plus" and "connect" construction under the background of ecological security open results. The exhibition, Tencent security in particular for the establishment of a joint laboratory Tencent security booth, used to demonstrate the laboratory technical strength. As the country’s first Internet Security Lab matrix, Tencent security joint laboratory was formally established in July this year, which covers the Cohen laboratory, Xuanwu laboratory,.相关的主题文章: