Oppo r9s released China’s first dual pixel focused mobile phone darren hayes

OPPO R9s released the first domestic support double pixel focusing technology mobile phone Tencent digital news 10 GMT April 19 late, OPPO type products in Shanghai conference held recently, frequent exposure of R9s to R9s at Plus, compared to R9 series mobile phone released in September 3, R9s focuses on the pictures on the new enhanced image sensor IMX398 with the new customized product release debut. Similar to the pictures and product information that was previously exposed, R9s has been updated in some detail while maintaining almost the same appearance as R9. The original white antenna back by three 0.3 mm micro joint replacement, to ensure the integrity of perception, this is the Meizu and iPhone 7 kind of arc antenna, a new design scheme to solve the back. The front glass cover of the OPPO R9s using the fifth generation gorilla glass, compared to R9 of the fourth generation, fifth generation glass 80% increase in performance on anti dropping.. The positive fingerprint identification module on R9 was updated to be similar to iPhone 7, which can not be pressed by the solid fingerprint identification module, and with the vibration simulation force feedback. OPPO and SONY jointly customized IMX398 became the focus of this conference update was mentioned. The IMX398 R9s is equipped with a 16 million pixel image sensor, the sensor size is 12.8 inches, a double pixel focus technology, OPPO R9s has become a domestic mobile phone, the first to support dual pixel focusing products. In the two mobile phones, the larger size R9s Plus supports optical anti shake, while R9s only supports electronic anti shake. Core hardware, R9s equipped with Xiaolong 625 processor, 4+64GB memory, battery capacity of 3010 Ma, to support VOOC flash charging technology. R9s Plus is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Xiaolong 653 processor, equipped with 6+64GB memory, battery capacity of 4000 Ma, also supports VOOC flash charging technology. The system, equipped with R9s Color OS 3 the emphasis on safety, enhance the application of telecommunications fraud, pseudo base, compulsory purchase of such acts were monitored. In terms of color, R9s two phones will have gold, rose gold and black. R9s mobile phone price of 2799 yuan, R9s Plus price of 3499 yuan, October 28th officially sold. By October 19th, OPPO this year only focus on updating the R series product line OPPO, according to official data presented show that R9 series on sale after 82 days of sales exceeded 7 million, becoming an important booster in the mobile phone market this year A new force suddenly rises. OPPO. Obviously, it took OPPO half a year to iterate R9s, apparently seeing the huge potential of the R Series in China and overseas markets. The news that OPPO changed the product strategy through the success of the R9 series product line, the future of OPPO, and the products might be more low frequency appears in the update list, and such a function more like R9s flagship products will)

OPPO R9s发布 国内首款支持双像素对焦技术手机腾讯数码讯北京时间10月19日晚,OPPO在上海举行类型年品发布会,近期被频繁曝光的R9s携手R9s Plus亮相,相比三月份发布的R9系列手机,R9s着重在拍照上新进了强化,全新定制的图像传感器IMX398随着产品发布一同亮相。和之前曝光的图片以及产品信息基本相同,R9s在保持了和R9大致形同的外观设计外,在一些细节处进行了更新。原来背部的白色天线条被三条0.3毫米的微缝替代,保证了观感上的完整性,这也是继魅族和iPhone 7那种弧形天线外,一种新的背部设计解决方案。正面的玻璃盖板此次OPPO R9s使用了第五代大猩猩玻璃,相比R9上的第四代,第五代玻璃在抗跌落的性能上提升了80%。。R9上出现的正面指纹识别模块此次被更新成了类似iPhone 7那样无法按下固态指纹识别模块,配合震动模拟力回馈。OPPO和索尼联合定制的IMX398成为了本次发布会重点被提及的更新。R9s上搭载的这个IMX398是一颗1600万像素的图像传感器,传感器尺寸1 2.8英寸,增加了双像素对焦技术,OPPO R9s也成为国产手机中,首个支持双像素对焦的产品。两款手机中,尺寸更大的R9s Plus支持光学防抖,而R9s只支持电子防抖。核心硬件方面,R9s配备了骁龙625处理器,4+64GB的内存,电池容量3010毫安时,支持VOOC闪充技术。R9s Plus配备了高通最新的骁龙653处理器,配6+64GB内存,电池容量4000毫安时,同样支持VOOC闪充技术。系统方面,R9s搭载的Color OS 3.0此次着重强调了安全性,增强了对电信诈骗、伪基站、应用内强制购买等行为进行了监控。颜色方面,R9s两款手机将有金色、玫瑰金和黑色。R9s手机售价2799元,R9s Plus售价3499元,10月28日正式开售。截止到10月19日为止,OPPO在今年只重点更新了R系列产品线,根据OPPO官方给出的数据显示,R9系列在发售82天后销量突破700万,成为今年OPPO在手机市场异军突起的重要助推剂。显然OPPO用了半年时间就迭代出R9s,显然是看到了R系列在中国乃至海外市场的巨大的潜力。有消息称,OPPO通过R9系列的成功改变了产品的策略,未来OPPO的产品线中,大而全的产品可能会更低频次的出现在更新列表中,而更多像R9s这样主打某一功能的产品将成为OPPO产品迭代的常态。(腾讯数码)相关的主题文章: