Oral urge marriage too frequent to scare her boyfriend, he said I was too tired together wharfedale

Oral: urge marriage too frequent to scare her boyfriend, he said I was too tired to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Question: I am 30 years old, but is still alone, now my mind only "get married" a thought, into the eyes of the a "mad marriage". Only a short while ago, I was so proud and arrogant, to close their own men are always a cold look, then I have is young and beautiful, in the heart of the other half for myself: there is room, a car, the cause of the success of the cultural people. Do not meet these conditions determined not to marry. So, at the age of 26, I met a really make me man, talk about less than three months, he proposed to break up, the reason is that I look too high, afraid of the future can not give me happiness, delayed me. I thought it was normal, and it wasn’t too bad. Over the next three years, I met a couple of men, but none of them succeeded. They all say I’m too picky, too idealistic. In fact, I personally think that I am not picky, but did not meet your special person who wants to get married, do not want to do. Since I was 29 years old, I feel more and more attention around the same, have been pointing to me call me "old girl", sisters around already married and have children, to have a family of their own. I suddenly found that in my life the most precious time has been wasted their past. I began to look forward to confound, marriage reached a hitherto unknown degree. On that day, my mother looked at me, not without sorrow, said: "you are almost 30, the marriage also dragged to what time?" From that moment, I decided to compromise is low: quickly get married! I began to accept the "blind date" arranged by my family and friends". The first few times meet men are the eyes of others together, they feel there is no man, I really can not accept, and ultimately to no avail. When I despair, a friend introduced me to engage in design than me a small old man, I look that he is the man I married. Perhaps it is too want to get married, I told him to always together, and always wanted to give him an image as an understanding wife and loving mother bought the menu, cooking for him, saw the boy went up all sorts of questions. I have nothing to do with him: only the topic of marriage. See the park there are wedding photo shoot, he noticed the translation, I asked him: "do not want to get married?" Go to someone else’s wedding, I asked him: "we later put a few tables?" Similar examples are also many. Soon, he was almost broken by me, told me: "with you too tired, love is not like this, we break up!" I finally understand: I have been "married" the idea was dazzled, became a fright "mad marriage". What should I do after that? Answer: in a woman’s long life, always need a lot of sense of security and belonging, the family is the best carrier to meet women’s sense of belonging. Women need to feel the presence of the family through their daily words and deeds, to feel the domination of the family相关的主题文章: