Outstanding migrant workers can be settled in Ji’nan really become a city people-winavi video converter

Outstanding migrant workers settled in Ji’nan truly become the city people learned from the city and Social Council today, I can follow my outstanding migrant workers will account from the origin in Ji’nan, become the city people". Specific procedures settled by the public security departments responsible for the implementation of. Migrant workers into the city is an important symbol of citizenization of migrant workers, outstanding migrant workers settled in the economy, not only reflects the contributions made by the municipal government of migrant workers must, more is to encourage the majority of migrant workers, unremitting self-improvement strenuously enterprising and guide the whole society to care for migrant workers, in order to promote the citizenization of migrant workers. In recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to the work of migrant workers, adhere to it as an important political task and major livelihood projects to promote a strong, has issued "on the well under the new situation of migrant workers work opinions", "the implementation of migrant workers skills upgrading and protect the interests of the public service, the three 3 year plan of action" etc. a series of policies and measures, and in the 22 functions of the lead to build a set of occupation introduction, skills training, children’s education, safeguarding the rights and interests of migrant workers and municipal comprehensive service center as a whole, in order to promote the pace of transfer of migrant workers’ citizenization. Next, the city will accelerate the equalization of basic public services for migrant workers settled in the town to create favorable conditions.相关的主题文章: