Operation flow of high pressure reactor with heat transfer oil|Operation flow of high pressure reactor with heat transfer oil

one, the boot process:

1, open the high temperature cycle heater switch, start to heat transfer oil.

2, remove the kettle lid on the nut, with the hand wheel to lift the kettle lid, start feeding.

3, after finishing the material with a soft paper wipe clean kettle cover and the mouth of the sealing surface,

4, start to fall the kettle cover and screw on the nut with a torque wrench, (Note: when the nut is screwed, with the force of 100N).

5, open the control box on the power switch, adjust the speed of the stirring motor, it is best to work in the speed of 800 rpm.

6, check the kettle cover on all valves and shut.

7, started to open the high temperature cycle of the cycle switch, then the kettle temperature began to rise, began to react. (when the temperature is high, the operation should pay attention to burn).

two, shutdown process:

1, turn off the high temperature cycle power and cycle switch,

2, to the kettle and the inner layer of the cooling water,

3, to the kettle temperature drop to 80 degrees Celsius and the speed to 0 rpm, turn off the control box power switch.

4, open the pressure relief valve, when the pressure is 0Mpa to open the lid (no pressure to remove the kettle cover).

5, open the lid of the kettle and remove the material (liquid from the bottom of the discharge release, solid from the mouth of the kettle).

6, the reactor cleaning and dry wait for the next use.

7, the reactor is not used when all the valve should be kept open.

Basic conditions for installation of high pressure reactor|Basic conditions for installation of high pressure reactor

1. high pressure reaction kettle should be placed in the room. In the equipment of multiple autoclave, should be placed separately, to ensure that the equipment site with good ventilation. Each operating room should have a direct access to the outdoor or channel exit.

2. ambient temperature: +5 ~ +40 C       relative humidity: 0 ~ 85%RH without condensation (field), do not use the SLM reactor in wet places such as the bathroom. To ensure that the instrument housing and its accessories away from the liquid.

3. voltage: 220V (+15% ~ -10), frequency: 50± 2Hz. SLM host box wire must be grounded, the grounding resistance is less than or equal to 4. If there is no special description, the power supply line ground wire, the power switch should choose action fast with leakage protection circuit breaker. Must ensure the stability of three-phase power supply, the power supply voltage must not exceed 240V. Excess voltage or leakage may result in electric shock.

4. in the installation of high pressure reactor cover, should prevent the reaction kettle kettle cover sealing surface are mutually bump.

5.SLM host should be placed vertically on the ground. Inclined placing will cause the stirring shaft is not concentric, resulting in damage to the mixing system.

Make sure your SLM

6. and its components with good ventilation: in the operation of SLM and other parts covered may block the openings, leading to SLM and its components overheating, and even the fire.

Structure classification and installation of electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle|Structure classification and installation of electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle

Structure classification and installation process of

electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle

electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle mainly through the heat carrier furnace transmission of heat conduction oil heating, is a kind of low energy consumption, high temperature and large volume of the ideal equipment. Mainly used in the dairy and sugar and other elements and a variety of drugs to be mixed after the uniform effect. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle how to classify?

      1, according to the structure can be divided into different forms: open the cover inclined bottom, opening the cover under the conical head, cone head, upper and lower under elliptical head.



electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle how to install?

      1, autoclave should be placed in the room. When the equipment is equipped with a number of high pressure vessels, it should be placed separately. Each operation room shall be directly to the outside or the outlet of the channel, should ensure that the site with good ventilation equipment.

Micro magnetic stirring reactor operating temperature|Micro magnetic stirring reactor operating temperature

micro magnetic stirring reactor , magnetic stirring micro high-pressure reaction kettle

micro reactor with magnetic stirring, because there is a magnetic stirring at very high temperatures, magnetic extinction is like, is also called degaussing. SLM micro reactor, SLP parallel reactor, such as this is a magnetic stirring, magnetic sub magnetic properties in general will lose magnetic. Thus it is suggested that the SLM and SLP series of reaction vessels work in the following 280 degrees. The two series of the kettle, we have designed the temperature is 280 degrees, 250 of the work is absolutely safe. As for the work in 300 degrees or higher the reaction kettle to choose magnetic stirring,       EasyChem      reactor E series automatic reactor, it can fully meet the conditions of the work.