especially in cultural terms. Not only Indian or Asian culture

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More than one idea can confuse and lose your prospect. And the best idea is of course linked to your strongest product or service benefit. 4. Have you shown an obvious advantage over your .petition

UnCategorized It’s easy to overlook the obvious when you’re putting together an ad. The following checklist will help you keep on track for better response in print, direct mail, broadcast or web advertising. 1. Is it clear what you’re offering? Show the .munication to someone who’s had nothing to do with it and see if they understand it. And understand it quickly! 2. Is it equally clear what you want your prospect to do? Order your product, send for more info, return the questionnaire, visit your website. 3. Does your .munication have a single strong idea? More than one idea can confuse and lose your prospect. And the best idea is of course linked to your strongest product or service benefit. 4. Have you shown an obvious advantage over your .petition? This could be a unique benefit, lower price, better quality or else your incentive. 5. Can you make your offer seem exclusive? Prospects feel flattered if they can be among the chosen few. 6. If there’s an incentive, is it brought into the .munication early? And is it justified? The incentive is an added reason to buy. In a crowded market it can be the only reason to buy. So get it up there quick. And justify it. For example, "End of Season Sale" is more credible than simply "Sale". 7. Can you strengthen the .munication by quoting testimonials or independent research? Satisfied customers or an objective point of view are powerful ways to persuade new prospects to buy. 8. Can you offer a guarantee to increase buyer confidence? Guarantees are as old as advertising itself – for good reason. 9. Have you made your prospect the most important part of the .munication? Not your .pany, not even your product or service, but the improved quality of life that your prospect will enjoy if they respond. 10. If your brand is well known, is it featured strongly? Your name adds reassurance. 11. Have you given every reason to respond and, consequently, over.e any normal objections? Your .munication – whether it be online, print or broadcast – has to do the work of a salesman. But as it can’t hear the particular objection in your prospect’s head, you need to cover all possibilities. 12. Have you made it easy to respond (and pay)? A choice of channels usually increases response. 13. Is it written in a friendly tone? It should sound as if you’re talking to your prospect face to face. 14. Is the tone of voice appropriate for your target audience? Talk to consumers as if you were chatting at their kitchen table. For B2B imagine you’re in their office. 15. Have you matched benefits to features? (Here’s the feature) "The Golden Fund invests in China’s top twenty .panies… (Now the benefit) …giving your portfolio exposure to massive growth potential." 16. Have you been specific in your claims? Not "a great choice of insurance plans" but "a choice of 17 insurance plans, allowing you to…" 17. Are words, sentences and paragraphs short and easy to read? Choose simple words. Sentences with eight words are easiest to read. Paragraphs should be bite size. 18. Do your visuals emphasize a benefit? Put captions to your visuals as they are almost always read. 19. In the case of ads and mailings, have you restated the benefits near the coupon or phone number? Or at the checkout for your website? For ads and mailings people sometimes rip out coupons to .plete later. If they can’t remember why they did so, it’s a lost sale. Online it’s at the checkout where they sometimes have a change of heart; your main benefit can keep them reassured. 20. In print and screen media, is your font easy to read? Newspapers use a serif typeface because it’s easy to read. If you use sans-serif make sure there’s enough space between the lines. Copyright 2006 by Tony Brecher 。

Photography Purchasing art through San Diego art galleries has be.e very simple and convenient these days. At the time of shopping through online you have to be very careful. However

Photography Purchasing art through San Diego art galleries has be.e very simple and convenient these days. At the time of shopping through online you have to be very careful. However, when it .es to art you have to be even more careful. You cannot simply follow the online institutions for purchasing any kind of art form. Purchasing online art is a very new concept and this requires you to be cautious. There are lots of online opportunities from where you can consider purchasing the art pieces however all of them are not reliable. There are some of the reputed names in online San Diego art galleries. There are lots of reasons why you need to consider shopping through online San Diego art galleries. At the time you select the reputed names you can be sure regarding being offered with the best quality products. You can pay attention to the product description. With this you will be able to get idea regarding the art form and the size. Through description you will also get an idea whether it is framed or unframed. In the art description you will also be offered with the name of the artists. Therefore in case you want to know more regarding the artist you can do so through getting in touch with the artists. One of the important factors that determine the decision of purchasing the art piece is the price. San Diego art galleries will display the price of the paintings or photography prints. In case there is any kind of bidding system for one piece then you will be informed. If there is direct shopping option available then you can choose to purchase directly. San Diego art galleries are very particular regarding their payment processes. They make sure that the payment mode is secured and no financial information will be shared through the customers who use this in any other way. At the time the art is shipped through San Diego art galleries the buyer will be updated regarding its status. In case the buyer does not receive the package on time then he or she can track it on the online account of the gallery site. In case you find that the painting you received is damaged or you did not get the one that you ordered then you can easily get it replaced. You will just have to mention your reason for rejection and get the piece replaced. These are some of the advantages that you can get through San Diego art galleries. 。

your mower wont run. Many of us still use gasoline-powered mowers

Small Business One of the best ways to enhance both the beauty and the general value of your real estate or home is by properly landscaping the yard. With the right landscaping concepts, an otherwise dull and unpleasant house can be turned into a lively, and valuable investment. However, proper planning, designing and even maintenance must be .pleted using the right landscaping equipment. Here we look at how to buy and care for some of the most .mon landscaping equipment. Lawn mowers are some of the most .monly used landscaping equipment. The type of mower purchased will depend on factors like the size of your lawn, your specific mowing needs, the source of energy available and your budget. Many mowers make use of rechargeable batteries, therefore when buying this type ensure that access to a power supply is readily available in your working area, as should be the case in most urban areas. To ensure long usage, it is important that you regularly clean it, lubricate its parts, have its air filters changed and most importantly take care of the battery. If you neglect proper storage and care of the battery, your mower wont run. Many of us still use gasoline-powered mowers, though they are much less environmentally friendly than their electric counterparts. Tillers are especially beneficial for garden jobs like working .post, cultivating new beds or even cultivating weeds. For smaller private yards, electric powered tillers are preferable. Gas powered tillers are perfect for plowing a large landscape as they .bine maneuverability with power. In many cases these tillers are larger and as such are better for larger yards and .e with various attachments that can be used for snow removing, edging, trimming or even de-thatching. The use, size of yard and the type of soil are some of the things to consider when you are deciding between various options. A number of landscaping equipment makes use of gasoline and oils to operate. Often refilling is required throughout the day, especially when working on large areas. What this means is that there is a need to carry extra oil or gasoline with you into the field. This is where equipment like a jerry can spout useful. The best fuel storage cans for your needs will be determined by the amount of fuel needed and your consumption rate. Other equally important landscaping equipment you may need to create and maintain your yard include portable generators to run different machines, pressure washers, trimmers, edgers, snow blower, water pumps, leaf blowers, pruning shears, saws, cutters, clippers, rakes, shovels and large equipment if major work is being done. The right equipment will be determined by the size of your yard, your landscaping features and needs, the budget and even the garden layout. It is important to know how to care for the equipment and proper maintenance will enhance efficiency and extend the lifetime of the products you purchase. Before storing, ensure that the equipment is clean and dry. Also, ensure that oil is changed regularly and that the blades are well sharpened before use. Having the right landscaping equipment for the job will help you lessen you work load and at the same time ensure proper landscape maintenance. As such, it is important to use the right equipment for the right job. Considering the large availability of landscaping equipment available on online, it should not be difficult getting a great deal on the right equipment for your landscaping project. 。

Yellow Cab .pany is the go-to .pany whenever you are in Walnut California. Nothing is ever too short notice for the .petent professionals at Yellow Cab Walnut California because they take all types of reservations ranging from online

Vacation-Rentals The quite city of Walnut California is the perfect place to spend a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of busy and noisy city life. With a total land area of about 23 square kilometers, Walnut is quite expansive offering both tourists and locals amazing visual treats as well inspiring historical attractions. Getting around in Walnut city requires a reliable, trusted and experienced .pany that provides transport and no one does this better than walnut yellow cab .pany. Offering one of the most organized taxi services in the entire Walnut region, the yellow cab .pany is a true market leader and definitely your safest ride to whatever destination you are bound. Yellow Cab .pany guarantees you professional service from their formally trained taxi drivers every time you call in. Whether you need a ride from the airport or you need to visit one of the scenic spots in Walnut California, this exceptionally good taxi .pany will be there on time to get you to your destination of choice. Walnut Yellow Cab .pany understands your need to enjoy every single moment of your holiday and that is why they only employ and train drivers with bubbling personalities that will keep you engaged throughout your entire trip with interesting lines of conversation. Security is a major factor to consider for any city that is second home to many tourists and vacationers. This is the reason why the Yellow Cab .pany goes an extra mile to ensure that all tourists are in safe hands whenever they use the .pany cabs. All drivers undergo mandatory drug testing as well as thorough background checks to ensure that they have no history of criminal activity or drug use. Trust Yellow Cab to keep not just you but also your family safe during your trip. An affordable vacation is a great vacation. With yellow cabs you do not only get .fortable rides to and from your various locations of interest, you also get unbelievably affordable transportation. With cost effective prices that cannot be rivaled by other .panies, Yellow Cab .pany is the go-to .pany whenever you are in Walnut California. Nothing is ever too short notice for the .petent professionals at Yellow Cab Walnut California because they take all types of reservations ranging from online, phone calls and even in person. Anytime you need to move just call and they will be there. Walnut Yellow Cab .pany is the perfect solution for todays busy professionals as well the tourists who visit Walnut all year round. This is because this .pany has taken its services to the next level providing transport solutions not just for merry-makers but also for corporate entities. Airport rides, sightseeing drives as well as shopping sprees are the average services a cab .pany would offer and Yellow Cabs does this. Over and above this, they also have room for business owners who need to set up corporate accounts for their .panies travel needs. With this offer .e great discounts that will beat hiring cars or looking for alternative travel means for employees. It just doesnt get better than Yellow Cab Walnut California. 。