Patent disputes Meizu a year and a half loss of 1 billion 300 million yuan

Patent dispute over the Meizu: a year and a half loss of 1 billion 300 million yuan Meizu Huang Zhang to Yan Tao sales and market share of double growth Meizu is facing embarrassment. The evening of October 20th, A shares of the company in a telling holding investment announcement disclosed in the financial condition of Meizu, Meizu continued losses in recent years, the first half of this year has been a loss of 300 million yuan, and in 2015 was a loss of 1 billion yuan, asset liability ratio as high as 123%. Meizu is also being linked with Qualcomm’s patent dispute. Following this year in June after the prosecution of Qualcomm Qualcomm patent infringement, in October 14th, Qualcomm announced in the United States, Germany and France for Meizu to act on its patent infringement. For the China business news reporter on the issue of Meizu financial issues and issues with Qualcomm patent disputes and other issues, Meizu said it did not accept the interview. On October 23rd, vice president of Meizu Li Nan micro Bo said: "Meizu on Qualcomm, there will be a final account". Internet analyst Yu Bin believes that the Meizu surface "busy" conceal behind the crisis, single machine sea tactics will only fall into the quagmire of low price competition and barbaric growth cycle, such as no breakthrough in the high-end market, Meizu will touch the ceiling or brand. The rapid expansion of Tianyin Holdings said in the announcement, the company intends to use its own funds invested a part of the capital increase subscribed Meizu Meizu and holds a 0.655% stake, a total investment of 200 million yuan. Announcements, including day, Shanghai Tong Investment Management Center (limited partnership), Branch source (Pingtan) equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), Karamay bingshen macro equity investment limited partnership is not a total of four enterprises to invest after Meizu, three enterprises funded ratio was 0.393%, 0.657%, 1.213%. According to the calculation, the total increase of about 890 million yuan Meizu, Meizu capital market valuation reached $30 billion 500 million. Ownership structure shows that after the completion of the transaction, Meizu founder Huang Xiuzhang (ie Huang Zhang) accounted for 51.959% of the shares, the largest shareholder of Hangzhou, charm cast Information Technology Co., Ltd., accounting for 28.828%. Industrial and commercial registration information display, Hangzhou charm cast Information Technology Co., Ltd. corporate legal person Alibaba. February 2015, Meizu announced $590 million investment in Alibaba. So far, Meizu embarked on the sales, market share double growth of the fast lane. In 2015 of the same year, Meizu mobile phone sales will be from less than 4 million in 2014 to reach 20 million units, up 350%; the first half of the domestic intelligent mobile phone sales report market research firm Shiner released in 2016, with 11 million 240 thousand sales ranked seventh meizu. However, rapid expansion has brought huge losses. According to the Meizu company in 2015 announced the day holding audited financial data, in 2015 the total assets of 7 billion 200 million yuan Meizu, debt of nearly 8 billion 900 million yuan, asset liability ratio as high as 123%; operating income of 16 billion 800 million yuan, loss of 1 billion 37 million yuan; as of June 30, 2016 without the number of financial audit according to the first half of this year, Meizu operating income of 7 billion yuan, loss 340 million yuan. For this reporter raised the capital of the Meizu and"相关的主题文章: