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People’s daily commentator: solidarity, convergence of positive energy development – View – "they were not 1 men in battle, by 12 individual and collective efforts" and "professional technology, excellent strength, twisted into a rope, which is the strength of the team"…… The Olympic flame has been extinguished, but on the social network, people think about the spirit of the women’s volleyball continues. Women’s volleyball team to win, is the result of unity and progress of each person, but also the best interpretation of the spirit of collectivism. "Life in the ground, not Mr. Ho", with the success of the world with no shit. Women’s volleyball team won the Olympic champion at China journey arena, we see the Paibingbuzhen, scientific excellent competitive state, strong team spirit; outside the field, we do not see the concept of innovation and hard skills training, solid logistical support and continued. Fundamentally speaking, the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the team spirit and technical strength of the double victory. China women’s volleyball team back on top, is the inevitable result of the innovation, learn widely from others’strong points. With the collective, solidarity, committed to innovation, professionalism and spirit together to stimulate a powerful force, this is the women’s volleyball team won the admiration like surging river "of the secret key, provides a vivid inspiration for every one of us. Unity is strength. Chinese women tell people with performance, the collective spirit is never out of date. Condensed in unity under the banner of constantly updating the concept of physical education and actively learn from foreign experience, better play an important role in the national system of climbing to the top, to China’s sports undertaking full of new glory in the fierce international competition. Furthermore, women’s volleyball team spirit also tells us that we must inherit and develop the advantages of the socialist concentrating power system. From the battle to win the fight against SARS in Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction "aid", from the Beijing Olympic Games to the construction of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge "super project", practice has proved that the National People’s heart to a thought, an effort to make the wisdom and strength of one billion and three hundred million people will burst out invincible weili. The whole people precession. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that to achieve the common dream and struggle to achieve the dream of power is extremely powerful". The world’s first quantum science experimental satellite was successfully launched by the research team is strict in demands artisan spirit; made large aircraft behind caroling frequent and how many people to work hard, round the clock. Standing in the vast land of 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers, both scientific research and from business, whether it is the comprehensive deepening of reform or adjustment of the economic structure, are advocating the spirit of reform and innovation, all cannot do without the intense struggle. In the women’s volleyball team to win the opportunity to further establish the concept of eternal glory for the country, pioneering and enterprising spirit, in every ordinary post to tackle tough, pass through the narrow wins, the pursuit of excellence, the mighty March will be invincible. "10000 Yili, invincible, unity has great positive energy to destroy the mountain crack. Looking to the future, the two years of the goal of the gradual approach to the asymptotic trend of the one hundred. We will hand in hand, million people united as one man, to embrace the opportunities and overcome challenges, gather up the majestic force for national development and national rejuvenation. "People’s Daily" (20)相关的主题文章: