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The PLA mortars at an altitude of more than 5 thousand metres, fire scene exposure (Figure) – Sohu military channel map information: the journey at an altitude of over 5000 meters "unmanned area" organization firing. Lengyue silent night sinks like water. A rapid whistle in the plateau star ring, Tibet brigade officers smell out, ready to start. The Spring Festival approaching, soldiers of the brigade before in the camp layout of "taste", it is the first to smell the thick "taste": the brigade decided, thousands of miles into the area of unmanned combat camp. Reporters followed, in the snow capped mountains, glaciers, valleys in the river mouth, recorded a string of soldiers to support reform, support reform, join in the reform of the sonorous footprint. As long as the organization needs, I wish when reform paving stone rising altitude, the temperature is more and more low, some of the officers and men of the lips purple, also hung around the frost. Rubbed his hands, the search team leader, responsible for Pathfinder four sergeant Chen Zhihao brow cemented the knot: in front of him, a nearly 10 meter wide ice blocking the way. Chen Zhihao calculates, the troops want to bypass the glacier, at least delayed for half a day, is bound to affect the subsequent "combat" plan, how to do? "Across the glacier"!" In fact, Chen Zhihao also understood that, according to the current temperature judgment, the ice thickness is absolutely able to withstand the passage of troops. However, the plateau Canyon climate anomaly, ice ice thickness in different positions may be great difference. Take a step, stamp your feet, make sure you’re safe and move forward…… In the reporter halitus warm hands while walking in the front ranks Chen Zhihao stepped on the edge of the river ice, one fell into the ice water. "The weather is so cold, don’t freeze." The comrades urged Chen Zhihao to return to camp immediately, but he shook his head: "this is’ battlefield ‘, go back is deserter."!" Chen Zhihao changed his pair of dry socks, wrapped several layers of plastic bags on his feet, and put on his wet training boots to continue his task. Chen Zhihao was a veteran in the snow covered plateau for 15 years. Not long ago, the army carried out the reform of special education, he took the lead to support the support of reform, and wrote the post to build new work determination. Chen Zhihao said, he served in the army several times over, but every time after the reform, the troops will jump to a new level, "as long as the organization needs, I am willing to do the reform of army" paving stone, "the witness of our troops from large to strong!" The skills training is excellent, not afraid to fight the soldiers removed post hundred miles, elevation drop, ice snow began after the conquest of the army fought in the Zangnan Valley forest. Just enter the mouth of the valley, the accident happened suddenly: Warrior Xu Chen stepped on the gravel, slipped and fell, training pants are the branches ripped a big hole. In the face of the comrades concerned, Xu Chen turned and waved his hand: "no matter, continue to walk!" In the conversation, the reporter learned that Xu Chen is a fighter. When he heard the news of reform, he once felt nervous and worried that he would lose his post. The change comes from the leading example of the leaders around us. Xu Chen and the reporter talked about two things: a physically disabled leading cadres actively let the post out; a leading cadre initiative"

解放军迫击炮海拔5千多米开火 现场曝光(图)-搜狐军事频道 资料图:该旅在海拔5000多米的“无人区”组织实弹射击。   冷月无声,夜沉如水。一阵急促的哨声在高原星空鸣响,驻藏某旅官兵闻令出动,整装出发。   春节临近,这个旅的官兵还没来得及在营区布置出“年味”,倒是率先闻到了浓浓的“战味”:旅里决定,千里挺进无人区进行实战化野营拉练。记者一路跟随,在雪山口、冰河畔、峡谷中,记录下一串串官兵们支持改革、拥护改革、投身改革的铿锵足迹。   只要组织需要,我愿当改革的“铺路石”   海拔逐渐攀升,气温越来越低,一些官兵的嘴唇开始发紫,眉睫也挂上冰霜。   搓了搓手,负责探路的搜索组组长、四级军士长陈志豪眉头凝成了疙瘩:在他面前,一条近10米宽的冰河挡住了去路。陈志豪计算着,部队要绕过冰河,至少耽误大半天的时间,势必影响后续的“作战”计划,怎么办?   “横穿冰河!”其实,陈志豪心里也明白,若按照现在的气温判断,冰层的厚度绝对能够承受部队的通行。然而,高原峡谷气候异常,冰河在不同位置的冰层厚度可能相差巨大。   走一步,跺一跺脚,确定安全后再向前……就在记者哈气暖手的刹那,走在队伍最前面的陈志豪踩到了临河边的碎冰,一脚掉进了冰水里。   “天气这么冷,别冻坏了。”战友们劝陈志豪立即返回营区,他却摇摇头:“这是‘战场’,回去就是逃兵!”陈志豪换了双干袜子,在脚上裹几层塑料袋后,穿上已经湿透的作训靴继续执行任务。   陈志豪是一位在雪域高原服役了15年的老兵。前不久,部队开展改革专题教育,他带头表态拥护支持改革,并写下岗位建新功的决心书。陈志豪说,自己所服役的这支部队曾几经转隶,但每经历一次改革过后,部队的战斗力就会跃升一个台阶,“只要组织需要,我愿意做改革强军的‘铺路石’,见证我们的军队由大到强!”   把本领练过硬,能打仗的兵不怕没岗位   辗转百里后,海拔骤降,部队征服冰河雪山后又开始转战藏南峡谷密林。   刚刚进入谷口,意外就突然发生:战士徐晨踩上碎石,脚下一滑不慎摔倒,作训裤被树枝撕开了一个大口子。面对战友的关心,徐晨扭头摆摆手:“不碍事,继续走!”   在交谈中,记者得知,徐晨是一名机关兵。刚听到改革消息时,他曾一度心情忐忑,担心自己要丢了岗位。   转变来自于身边领导的带头表率。徐晨和记者说起了两件事:一名身体有伤残的领导干部主动把岗位让出来;一名领导干部主动请缨,带领官兵在海拔5000多米的无人区奋战1个多月,完成某新型火炮作战试验鉴定任务。   “这两个主动,都是领导干部在用自身行动,告诉大家一个理:不管怎么改,军队能打仗、打胜仗的能力要求不会改。能打仗的兵不怕没岗位!”徐晨说,“面对改革,绝不能犹疑彷徨,干好当下才是正理!”   改革没有局外人,“脖子”以下须跟上   这次拉练,是某连沈连长任职后的“首秀”。他很想抓住机会,证明自己。   然而,正当沈连长带领官兵接近行军终点时,突然遭遇特情:部队陷入导演组预设的染毒地带!沈连长迅速戴上防毒面具开始指挥,本以为“毒气”会像以往一样迅速散去,岂料沈连长判断失误,最终因提前摘下防毒面具,当场“牺牲”。   “以往,染毒地带从没设置如此长的距离,都是惯性思维害了自己、影响了战友。”“牺牲”后的沈连长直言,这次演练不仅给自己上了一堂“实战课”,更为自己绷紧了“实战弦”。   “改革不仅要解决‘脖子’以上的问题,‘脖子’以下也必须跟上去同频共振、浴火重生!”负责拉练导调的旅领导告诉记者,旅里将改革视作把部队打造成精锐作战力量的重要契机,此次拉练,他们选择的地貌既有峡谷密林、草甸湿地,也有高山雪原、冰川达坂,情况随机导调、路线随时改变、环境紧贴实战,一路涉险的目的只有一个:锤炼官兵在雪域高原全天候全地域作战能力,把部队打造成令敌胆寒的“高原利刃”,“这就是全旅官兵为改革准备的最丰富的年货!”相关的主题文章: