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PPI steady upward commodity market continues to stabilize the good We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: PPI steady upward commodity market continued steady for the better, the Shanghai Securities News · the fourth quarter of 2016 report the four quarter commodity commodity survey by futures institutions visit that the fourth quarter of domestic macroeconomic will run smoothly, the PPI index will continue to "steady for the better, PPI is expected to for the three consecutive quarter rebound. All respondents agreed that the United States will raise interest rates in December, gold will therefore weaken. However, some analysts believe that the dollar if the interest rate hike, the impact on commodities and the impact will not be great. At the same time, in view of the real estate investment and operating rate will not change too much, the impact of the new deal is expected to control the real estate commodity is also very limited. Specific commodity movements, in the fourth quarter of this year the most bearish mechanism gainers black and non-ferrous and precious metal plate. At the same time, also continue to look empty or very small grain plate this year. In addition, cotton, sugar and other agencies to see more soft commodities sector. The reporter Ruan Xiaoqin macroeconomic gradually stabilize PPI is expected to continue upward, 1 futures institutions continue to call PPI. Newspaper survey results show that in the investigation of the participating futures institutions, 65% of the agency believes that the fourth quarter of the domestic PPI (industrial products ex factory price) trend will rise steadily. Although this ratio is still high, but were still down 29%; that another 24% institutions, the fourth quarter PPI will show a steady decline trend. It is worth noting that the respondents were weaker than expected in the fourth quarter of PPI futures institutions in the three quarter. Very important reason is that in the two quarter after a sharp correction on the basis of the bulk commodity prices in the three quarter, the rapid recovery. Among them, the two quarter of coking coal, coke, the cumulative increase in the main contract was 12% and 20%, respectively, in the three quarter rose by a total of 40% and 36%. In the futures institutions to determine the impact of the fourth quarter PPI will rise in many factors, the impact of monetary easing and rising investment accounted for 19% of the proportion of the impact of other factors accounted for the proportion of 10%. In addition, the benefit of the international economic activity and the impact of rising exports accounted for 3% and 9%, indicating that the positive impact of the agency on the overseas economy is not expected to pick up high. Taking into account the manufacturing sector in China accounted for more than 40% of the proportion of GDP, PPI continued steady recovery, will help stabilize the domestic macroeconomic. The survey results showed that 53% of the institutions that have futures, the fourth quarter of China’s economic situation will go flat, 18% of the institutions that will take them, accounted for 71% of the total. However, there are 29% institutions, the fourth quarter of Chinese economy will likely weaken. Xu Xiangchun, director of information, my steel network, according to the National Bureau of statistics released相关的主题文章: