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SEO Blog posting or blogging is an integral part of SEO. Without blogging, SEO useless. It is a new age method invented for the benefits of an individual, firm, .pany or a large corporation. Writing your own blog is a difficult task. Quality of the content is the first issue that a blogger faces. There are several other issues as well which a blogger encounters. Blogging requires a lot of skills like checking that all the links are working and making sure that the posts or .ments do not require moderation. No one has all the time and abilities to do all the things at the same time. For this reason, there is a need of a professional blogger who could deliver all these services in quick, efficient and proficient manner. A blog reflects the real character of the blogger. If there are .ments on the blog post, it means that users are giving importance to the blogger. Therefore, standards should be maintained for the feedback of those .ments. It is essential to take every .ment seriously, evaluate it and then provide feedback to it. If a blog .ment contains hate speech, it should not be allowed to publish on the blog post. Only a professional blogger will make sure that all those .ments that have a valid feedback stay on the blog. Keeping track of all the .ments is another time consuming ask which requires expert skills. If a blogger has a lot of posts and .ments, it difficult for him to keep a track record of all these. A professional moderator will handle all these things without any hurdles. A moderator ensures the removal of all the spammy as well as the inappropriate .ments and focuses on the .ments pertinent to the post. Most amateur bloggers neglect these trivial issues; as a result, their content unsatisfactory which ultimately affects the user traffic. The maintenance of your .ments section will help in giving the blog a professional look to it. In this manner, readers will get more encouragement to read the posts or .ment on it. In other words, it will persuade and motivate the readers to skim out all the posts and .ment where necessary. If all they see are spammy, uninteresting, monotonous and tiring posts, most of them will leave the blog, and the remaining will just waste their time on it. A blogger needs to make the reader feel at home and respect and value all his ideas, thoughts and .ments. This will ultimately benefit the blogger as more users would post .ments and paste links which will be beneficial for the blog from the SEO point of view. If one has had some problems in moderating their .ments, the best way to resolve this issue is by handling the task to a professional blogger, it will not only benefit the blog but attract more readers, which will eventually, lead to a big following. Not looking professional in any way may hurt a blogger badly, so it will be an excellent idea to give all these tasks to a professional blogger/moderator. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: