Quantum communications applications to upgrade the 10 shares of the bottom of the rise webquest

Quantum communication application upgrade 10 shares at the bottom of the rise of quantum communication applications gradually fall from the thirty-sixth CPC Central Committee Politburo collective study stressed the development and application of quantum communication technology, sensing technology in 2016 to focus on Quantum Key Laboratory of the Ministry of industry announced the list in the laboratory, and then to the quantum information branch head of the NDRC’s Chinese information association was set up, the industry development is more and more attention to quantum. Zhengbao reporter was informed that the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Power Grid and other departments have been applied to the development and application of quantum cryptography and other communications technology as an important direction for future development. Our quantum communication technology in the world leading academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, our quantum satellite chief scientist Pan Jianwei the Chinese quantum information technology industry development forum, "13th Five-Year," end of network communication in our city are point-to-point key distribution around 100 times the transmission speed is expected to reach the present level, to enhance the rate of 2025 more than 1000 times. Yin Hao, academician of Chinese Academy of communications and quantum technology experts predict that China’s regional quantum communication network is expected to mature in 2020. It is understood that the key to solve the quantum key distribution of a single photon detection system in the real environment is vulnerable to hacker attacks security risks, is considered to be the highest security encryption. At present, China’s quantum communication technology leading the world level 3-5 years." According to Pan Jianwei introduction, the Japanese government plans to begin construction of a national high degree of quantum communication network in 2020, and China’s "Beijing Shanghai trunk" large-scale optical fiber quantum communication backbone project will be completed by the end of this year. 12, 2009, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a quantum science experiment satellite Mo-tse number has been carried out since the launch of some of the tests as well as scientific experiments. At present, the test of quantum satellite orbit is progressing smoothly, the test of satellite platform and the test of payload have been completed, and the test of the satellite link has been finished. Is expected to be completed in mid November all orbit testing work, when the satellite will be officially delivered, began the relevant scientific experiments. According to the EU’s relevant planning, its quantum satellite plans to launch around 2020. Pan Jianwei in the Forum on the specific introduction of the quantum satellite transmission of medium-term goals. He said that the satellite transmission speed in China to "13th Five-Year" end, transmission speed of 1MB per second is expected to realize quantum key distribution level of thousands of kilometers. Currently, the satellite is in orbit for a period of 3 months of testing, will be completed during the satellite platform test, payload testing and satellite ground link test. In addition, Pan Jianwei also introduced the status quo of the development of quantum communications industry and established goals. He said that at present China’s inter city network communications quantum key distribution in the transmission speed between the points in 10KB per second or so. In the upcoming launch of the national science and technology major project targets, "13th Five-Year" at the end, the transmission speed is expected to reach 1MB per second (1MB = 1024KB). By 2025, the distance between the two point to point transmission speed is expected to reach 10MB per second. Although our country is in the international leading level in quantum communication, but in the quantum sensing and quantum computing is still relatively backward. Pan Jianwei admits that Europe and North America have a significant lead in quantum computing.相关的主题文章: