Rainbow Six Siege revised plan additional Hongkong SWAT team gamelink

"Rainbow Six": the siege of the revised plan to add Hongkong SWAT team to celebrate the first anniversary of the listing, at the same time in the world has more than 10 million investment to stimulate the offensive and defensive game player compact war, Ubisoft today publicly announced "Rainbow Six:" second years of siege revision and additional content planning, and the launch of Year 2 and Pass qualification Year included the qualification and the main game 2 Gold Edition, quarterly in the next year to continue to bring new special agent and a new free map updates. Following the "Rainbow Six": the siege of the main program contains SAS, FBI and SWAT in Britain, France, Germany and Russia GIGN GSG9 5 special forces a secret counter-terrorism group, up to 20 years after the debut of the first secret service agent, but also brought JTF2 Canada, U. S. Navy Seals, Brazil BOPE special police action battalion and Japan special assault team’s new SAT, a total of 8 new secret service agent. In the revision plan of second years, from Spain, Hongkong, Poland and South Korea’s anti-terrorism special unit as well as their unique skills and equipment of the secret service agent will come, and launch occurred at the location of the new free map. Ubisoft Montreal studio will continue for the burgeoning game player community to continue to provide high quality game content, and add the seamless integration of the new force role. Through the Year 2 Pass this new year membership, not only can let the game player enjoy early and direct unlock during the year on a quarterly basis to launch a total of 8 new special agent, will continue to bring VIP senior member welfare; including can let the game player faster unlock content popularity and access equipment, including a head combat uniform extra content. In addition, in February 7, 2017 before the purchase of Year 2 Pass qualification game player, the other will receive exclusive Obsidian weapons in painting; all game player can be timed exclusive period after the end of the game, the direct use of the fame to unlock new secret service agent. "Rainbow Six: Siege" Chinese version is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform.相关的主题文章: