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There are many paths open to us when facing redundancy. How do we know which one is right for us and who is best placed to give us advice? The options might include:- a. Finding another job. Within this there are further options. Do you find a job:- i. similar and in the same area to the one you just left? Could be the safe bet provided there are vacancies ii. in the same industry but at a more junior level? This might be for you if you are not (or are no longer!) ambitious or your income requirements have dropped iii. similar to the one you’ve left but in a different area? b. Change your career Is there something else you have always wanted to try? c. Take a career break? This might be an option if you have received a healthy redundancy package d. Start your own business You may have a long held desire to start a cleaning business or open a cake shop. Now could be the ideal time It is likely to be obvious to some of our readers straight away which of these options are not feasible you may have children at crucial points in their education which would put relocation at the bottom of your list but some are more difficult. How do you decide and who do you listen to? Do you listen to the well meaning, parent, partner, friend or sibling who love you and know you best but might not share your passion or entrepreneurial spirit? Or so called experts who might understand the business side but can’t understand your personal circumstances? The following are some pointers when you are going through this decision making process:- 1. Get some expert advice, not so that you might follow it blindly, but to be educated and to allow you to make the decision that is right for you from a position of knowledge 2. Do your research. If you are looking to set up your own business, how much time can you afford to invest before you need to earn any income. Is there a genuine market for your product? 3. If those you know and love seem concerned about your planned course of action, remember they are motivated by wanting the best for you. Accept their concerns as an inevitable part of the process, listen carefully to what they have to say, acknowledge their concerns then address each point, tell them what you feel are the pros and cons and ask for their support 4. Fast forward yourself to two or three years time. If you go for the easy option today will you regret the fact that you by passed the opportunity you had to explore something a bit more radical? Only when you have done your research, taken account of the long term view and weighed up all the pros and cons after hearing the views of experts and your loved ones will you be in a position to make a reasoned decision – one that is right for you. And in the words of Cicero, Roman philosopher – Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself. About the Author: Allison is a qualified Management and Leadership Coach with qualifications from both the LCH and the Institute of Leadership. Her background is in financial services. She is a Chartered Insurer and has a Key Account Management Diploma from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. Visit her today at By: Steve Hurley – Durgapur is evolving rapidly and at its helm are the IT jobs that are now available in the proposed smart city. This has created a unique opportunity for t … By: Luke Wright – Organization, especially for start-ups and small business, the use of leave management system is important. Keeping record on time-to-time basis is very cr … By: Luke Wright – For a company, it is important to keep proper track of employees and working hours spend by them in the company. Right from the in-time to leaving time, ev … By: smartweb – Recruitment consultants are required to attract the right candidates and match them at permanent or temporary positions in the client organizations. By: smartweb – The recruitment landscapes for both job seekers and employers have been greatly revolutionized by online job sites. By: smartweb – You have the ample amount of skills, dedication and focus required for a particular job, but you are not able to decide which would be the best way to carv … By: smartweb – So, you want to get a new job with the help of a staffing agency but you arent sure about how to proceed. By: smartweb – More often than not, working on a temporary basis through a staffing agency is overlooked as a potential job lead source. By: smartweb – So your company is reaching new heights; you are getting new and better projects, and are ready to increase the number of your current employees. By: smartweb – In a competitive market, having a workforce that is skilled and professionally qualified is not simple and straightforward. 相关的主题文章: