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Refrigerator product innovation: hit the ceiling to break through the intelligent refrigerator for successful product innovation in deep quagmire, intelligence is a piece of cake "looks beautiful", has yet to find the market demand and commercial off air, not to talk about the refrigerator industry upgrading drive and traction. Author: Kong Yu more than a year ago, the refrigerator business day is really sad! This is difficult, not just in the first line of competition in the market, the weak consumer demand downturn; more importantly, the product innovation iteration, has not yet found a tipping point to stimulate consumer demand. In short, the technical innovation and iteration of the refrigerator products, has come to a new crossroads, but suddenly found no way ahead. On the face of it, intelligent product technology innovation and business model innovation to become the biggest outlet, in fact, this stage has not yet landed air, but did not become a new driving force for the market. Over the past five or six years, the development of products in the refrigerator and iterative power can be divided into two aspects: one is the appearance, always depends on the multi door tipping and drive. From the past two door, three door to door, door. Today, this iteration has been completed, and even significantly exceeded the expected results. Again the possibility of change, it is only to break the frozen, chilled and fresh partition, allowing users to freely mix. The other is the health preservation, from the beginning of the industry concerned about the zero degree of preservation, to the subsequent emergence of sterilization and antibacterial preservation, instant thaw, and now dry and wet storage, etc.. It can be said that the current development of health preservation technology for decades, has been unable to lift the appetite of the masses of consumers. And as the technology continues to mature, the health of fresh space is becoming smaller and smaller. It can be said, whether it is a big giant, or Internet startups, at this stage in the refrigerator industry, want to seek a refrigerator products "drive innovation and development", more and more difficult, more and more small. In this context, the emergence of intelligent, by many home appliance manufacturers are optimistic about and promote. After three or four years of exploration and exploration, both in the refrigerator intelligent control hardware, or to create the platform ecosystem in refrigerator exploration, can be said to have not really hurt the market and the needs of users pain points, smart refrigerator many enterprises encounter "praised" in the market, many applications of intelligent functions has become the user to use the refrigerator "chicken ribs". As a number of refrigerator enterprises, said the refrigerator industry is really difficult. This is hard to find one day suddenly, then the refrigerator does not know how to do. Although intelligence is expected to become a life-saving straw, but every day to talk about intelligence, even their own do not believe." Behind this did not believe that it is by the function of the existing refrigerator intelligent interaction is not strong, and the ecological resources is not equal, not perfect, as well as the corresponding Internet technology is not mature and coordination, resulting in the recent smart refrigerator market users and business model innovation outlet, there has been no breakthrough. Smart refrigerator is the vendor hot, user cold situation. Orville data show: from cloud network as of July this year, in the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, TV four?相关的主题文章: