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Report: Ashley will continue to optimize the layout of focus, cultivating new steady rise — food channel — enterprise for August 25th, Ashley International (1230.HK) report released in 2016 in Hong kong. The report shows that the first half of 2016 Ashley income over the same period last year, down 21.7% to 1 billion 146 million 500 thousand yuan, gross margin by 19.6% to about 721 million 800 thousand yuan. Although the influence by weak consumption and channel change, Ashley first half of 2016 the overall performance decline, but the concern is that good brand of strict control of the financial budget, reduce fixed expenses, reduce the manpower cost, continuous channel transformation, the formation of a more efficient dealer cooperation mode, the first half of infant milk powder product sales revenue of about 59 million 200 thousand yuan yuan, turnaround. Group Arla infant formula to continue the implementation of the Royal organic concept, sales revenue of approximately 67 million 700 thousand yuan, representing an increase of 219.3%; the European world Mengniu Rui en rely on feeding growth, income of about 162 million 700 thousand yuan, representing an increase of 5.2%. Mengniu milk business group president Sun Yiping expected sections continue to promote channel transformation, will be the internationalization of the integration of resources to Ashley plate and quick execution of brand ecological clusters has the international field of infant products, at the same time, the national milk registration opportunity, comprehensive inventory of domestic milk market! Ashley President Lu Minfang Conference on the results, although Ashley overall strategy transformation is still relatively slow, but each brand has a new adjustment, the introduction of high-end brands began to force, such as the US, the first half of the business doubled, rose. Europe and the United States, the rapid rise of domestic organic Mengniu, Dumex M & A began to force. The first half of 2016, Ashley to the "new Chinese" brand concept, brand promotion and layout optimization, and through the integration of the world’s best source of milk, inject new elements, strict quality control, the world-class quality products to mom, "Chinese shoulder milk feeding Chinese baby" the conscience of corporate responsibility. In addition, from the brand building, product integration, to the factory building, and then to the channel transformation, Ashley at every step of rapid development, and achieved certain results. Comprehensive upgrade the brand building consumer favorite brand the first half of 2016, Ashley around the "new domestic products, new life" brand advocates, the full realization of the brand upgrade, continue to expand the brand influence. In April, Ashley Zealand factory original original tank production of super a gold and New Zealand landing on the domestic market, has become the first synchronous shelves in market at home and abroad China to Ashley brand of milk powder products on the international market acceptance inspection. At the same time, Ashley by naming the national first file star intangible cultural mobilization program "colorful" Chinese, multi-faceted brand promotion, the successful listing of new campaign. In addition, Ashley also through a combination of traditional media and new media, online and offline parallel mode, fragmentation of time to seize the target consumer masses "intensive and accurate delivery, strengthen the domestic milk consumers concern and confidence, to further strengthen the international brand image of ashley. In)相关的主题文章: