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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Houses are important to their occupants; within their walls lays thousands of memories, with the potential for much more. Its reasonable that they are precious to their owners, and that they should be cherished and taken care of as a result. They dont just provide a shelter often time houses are homes. Homes need to be protected cared, and provided for. The roof, of course, is just as important as the walls and the foundation even more so. A house is not .plete without a roof, and if a roof sustains too much damage, the house is deemed unlivable. Doesnt it make sense, then, to have a roofer that cares about your residency? Even in Las Vegas, where most houses are lavish and gorgeous, roofers still need to take special care when performing their job. If a resident knows that their roofer cares about their home as much as they do, theyre more likely to get (and keep!) business. Metal Roofs Spanish tiles are not un.mon among residences in Las Vegas. It may surprise you that some of these tiles are made out of metal instead of slate. Metal roofs are preferred in the desert, because they reflect heat instead of absorbing it. This contributes to lower energy costs throughout a home. Theyre also fire-resistant and last longer than other types of roofs. Recent changes have been made to metal roofing materials. Metal residential roofing is now light-weight, and easily and quickly installed. While it can run a bit expensive, it does .e with an impressive warranty that more than makes up for it. Slate Roofs If youve got a Spanish roof thats made out of slate, youre a part of the majority. Slate roofs dont rot, catch fire, blow away, or suffer damage from termites. Real slate roofing is heavy, and may be made of concrete, but lightweight options are available. Its relatively inexpensive to install and repair. Cedar Shingles Western red cedar shingles is valued for its durability. Some cedar shingles are treated or mixed with pine, but most of it is pure red cedar, which is a natural insect repellant. It last sometime between 15 and 40 years depending on how steep it is. Naturally, the steeper your roof, the longer itll last. While its certainly a beautiful option, it can .e with its own set of problems. Wind and rain can erode the shingles or tear them away, and moss can on grow on it as a result of damp conditions and heavy shade. Even though Las Vegas is a naturally dry climate, this can still happen. Clay Tiles Clay roof tiles can last as long as your house does. However, its slippery and delicate, and therefore requires a professional to work with it. Occasionally one may slip or fall off, but dont be tempted to get up there and replace it yourself. Let a residential roofing specialist handle this type of work; it prevents you from injuring yourself and from doing any permanent damage to your roof. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: