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Rio Olympic supplies on-line auction is expected to add about twenty thousand items – the end of the Rio Olympic Games, the original Olympic official website rio2016 also continues to be the official opening of the official website of the Rio games. The website now has a new function not earlier, it has also become the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee official opening of the "shop", is expected to total about twenty thousand pieces of Olympic related items on the online auction, now you can also like Taobao to participate in the Olympic games. The Rio Olympics official goods online auction officially launched on August 27th, at the Rio Olympics official website home page is not hard to find. Auction items are divided into three categories: sporting goods, the Olympic torch and special souvenirs, from the global participants in the bidding situation, the first two higher heat. In the current auction highest bid sort, ranked first auction items is the opening ceremony of the former marathon runner in Brazil to use the torch to ignite the main torch. From 1 Real starting, as Beijing time 9:30 last night, after 79 auction price has risen to 20550 Real, about 43 thousand yuan. According to the auction "s description, the torch belongs to the Brazil national treasure, with Lima’s autograph, the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee official certification documents is not less the same, the bidding will end in September 15th. Rio Olympic Games left behind a variety of sporting goods, but also because of the special significance given by the non – added value can not be copied. The award ceremony on the national flag, ball games, athletes gear, transcripts, and even the podium are shelves. The women’s tennis singles final in tennis, the auction price reached 7010 Real; women’s 4× the 100 meter relay team USA won the baton, Real 6504; female boxing 51 kg class final champion British Adams with the fist, Real 5125. Somewhat surprisingly, the U.S. men’s basketball final match against Serbia with the ball, on the two day only 13 bid records, currently only 3338 call to Real, to know the men’s handball final ball was called to Real 4905. It seems that in the eyes of the fans, the final value of the men’s basketball with the ball, but also with the difference to reach 30 points of the game, the lack of gold. To say that the Olympic Games is the most popular game activities, is a football final, women’s volleyball final ball, and Jamaica men’s relay team for Boulter to achieve three consecutive × the 3 feat of the baton, these items there is no shelves. It can be imagined that once the Chinese women’s volleyball team into the spirit of the ball on the shelves, there will be a number of Chinese buyers will be the heart of the iron sea Amoy home. The auction of the Olympic Games was started after the Beijing Olympic Games, which will be used by the International Olympic Committee to develop the global sports. Rio Olympic supplies online auction auction time is generally 5 days, some of which have come close to the end of the auction, are interested in the pro, you must pay close attention to buy buy buy. Newspaper reporter Lou Dong相关的主题文章: