Russia Japan Representative not handed over to the Japanese Islands negotiations – Beijing pork face

Russia Japan Representative: not handed over to the Japanese Islands negotiations – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, 1 days according to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian Federation committee chairman Matvey Janko said that Russia is not transferred to the Kuril Islands to Japan’s problems to carry out any negotiations, because the "no reason". The delegation of the Russian Federation is conducting an official visit to japan. Matvey Janko and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo held talks in 1. Matvey Janko told reporters after the talks, not on the transfer of two or three islands to carry out any negotiations, because there is no reason to do so". Matvey Janko also said that Russia’s Kuril Islands "has absolute sovereignty", can not modify and query. She stressed that Russia’s position in the Kuril Islands, clear and firm. Matvey Janko said: "I don’t know how different interpretations and predictions come from. Russia on the Kuril islands can not be questioned the sovereignty of international laws and regulations as the basis, Russia certainly will not surrender their sovereignty to the Kuril islands." She also said that the future of Russia and Japan agreed to engage in economic activities in the Kuril islands. Russia proposes that a joint economic activity that can only be carried out in Russia and the Russian jurisdiction within the legal framework, there is no possibility for Russia to abandon the Kuril Islands sovereignty.相关的主题文章: