Russia’s richest favorite luxury car sales charts alienware m17x

Russia’s favorite luxury car sales list Phoenix car reviews Russian car market fall trend continues, is expected in 2017 to stabilize, the market fell under the car, once strong luxury car sales have not carry, start to decline. Overall luxury brand seven months before the total sales of cars for the car, sales fell by 80373 over the same period last year, sales of up to $7.8%. In the first seven months of this year, luxury brand cars in the typical level car sales charts show that, in accordance with the Russian classification, luxury brand cars in the field of subdivision F+S models, the total sales fell by 19%, sold a total of 5074 vehicles. Occupy the absolute leading position in the list is the Mercedes Benz S class, the first seven months of this year, a total of 1787 units sold, sales fell nearly 20%. BMW 7 Series in the first place in the first seven months of total sales of 676, an increase of sales of up to 33% in. After the new BMW 7 Series listed, it seems that sales momentum. The third place is Audi A5, a total of seven months before the sale of 451 units, sales fell by 14%. Audi A8 and A7 points fourth and fifth, respectively, sold 296 and 219 vehicles, sales fell by 13% and a year on year, respectively, and 36%. List of top luxury brand car Bentley CONTINENTAL sold 64 units in the first seven months, sales fell by 25%. Bentley FLYING SPUR sold 31 Units in the first seven months, up sales of up to 6.9%. April just listed in Russia, Bentley Tim luxury SUV models, sold 27 vehicles in July, Bentley with this new model, this year’s annual sales report in Russia may be quite good-looking. On the list of Rolls-Royce SILVER WRIGHT sold 48 units in the first seven months of, down by 21%, but in July the car sales doubled, sold two cars. Rolls-Royce GHOST sold 19 vehicles in the first seven months, down by 27%. July Russia’s top luxury car brand car sales rose 15% year on year, while in July the Russian car market overall sales fell by 16.6%. Top luxury car sales to pick up, perhaps the Russian economy began to stabilize the good omen. Luxury cars in the Mercedes Benz S class hegemony in Russia, so far no competitor can shake, its sales, BMW and Audi ranked two to five models, sales are not the sum of the Mercedes S class models, you can draw the conclusion that the Mercedes S class models is Russia’s first car. Mercedes Benz and Audi in Chinese in Russia is similar to that of official car image outstanding, Russian officials at all levels with the Benz favored businessmen and businessmen, of course, Russia’s suit, choose Benz is due to the social atmosphere. On the overall luxury car brand car sales, the first seven months of this year, Mercedes Benz sales in the first place, sold 22093 vehicles, sales fell by 15%. BMW ranked second, seven months before the total sold 16261 cars, year-on-year sales edged down 3%. The third is Audi, sold 12832 cars in the first seven months, sales fell by 9%. Lexus used in monthly sales, will unseat BMW and Audi, Mercedes Benz sales approaching, but good maintenance is not long,.相关的主题文章: