Scaling The Astral Plane Through Astral

UnCategorized Human attraction for supernatural experiences is legendary. When someone thinks about the out of Body Experience with Astral Projection it may look like something out of the world. Many also try to discard the concept considering it to be a type of hallucination. The fact remains that prolonged research and experiments have established beyond any reasonable doubts that it is possible for our senses to go out of body. That is what Astral Projection is all about. What Is Astral Projection? A process in which our consciousness leaves the body temporarily and starts functioning independently is called the Astral Projection. While doubts have been raised from some quarters there are thousands who vouch for its existence and reality. Astral travel is no day dream but far more real in .parison to the performance of our senses in normal times. Surprisingly around 10% of the people on the globe have experienced Astral Projection in some form or other with their consciousness varying in degrees. Astral Projection Occurrences Experience reveals that Astral Projections mostly occur when the person faces some crisis like accidents. Leaving his body the person reportedly floats near the ceiling of the hospital watching the doctors and nurses working to save his life. Such syndromes are called Near Death Experience or NDE. During deep meditation or when someone is in trance as well as at the times of sleeping and relaxing also your astral body may leave your physical body and float in the air. What It Is Like? People who have gone through the OOBE (Out of Body Experience) often testify the information gathered during such travels when they are awake. Scientists have also tried astral techniques to learn about the experiences. One out.e of such experiments is that now the scientists firmly believe that one can learn Astral Projection and use of the astral techniques by practice. To them Astral Projection is one of the natural abilities in human being and can be experienced by anyone. Many people experience the projection at some point or other though they neither realize it nor remember the occurrences once they are awake. Is Astral Projection Real? While it is difficult to say it conclusively, the facts and figures as well as the results of experiments are heavily tilted in favor of reality of Astral Projection. A number of renowned celebrities had similar experiences at some point of time or other. Everyone can have such out of body experiences. It is not necessary to be a mystic to have such experiences. Only requirement for anyone who wishes to have such experience is to discipline his or her behavior. In fact Astral Projection is an inherent ability in human beings who are all born with this quality. Astral Travel Proponents of Astral Projection believe that every human being experiences the unconscious projection when they are asleep. They never remember what happened since their consciousness is asleep as well. When the body goes to sleep the mind is awake and that is how you make Astral Travel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: